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Letzte Aktualisierung: 6. Dezember 2023
  • KATEGORIE: Hauptspiel
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Aug 6, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure, Indie
  • Themen: Action, Fantasy, Survival, Open world

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A Guide to Unlockables


Crafting Recipes

  • New crafting recipes are unlocked by acquiring Sanctified Dust, which can be found by purifying pockets of impurities across the land.
  • Once you have enough Sanctified Dust, you can offer it to the goddess statues within your shelters.
  • The goddess statues will give you valuable rewards, including Recipe Page items.
  • These Recipe Page items will unlock new crafting recipes for you to learn.


  • Mounts can be unlocked by completing certain quests or finding them in the wild.
  • Mounts provide a faster and more efficient way to travel around the world.
  • Some mounts have special abilities, such as flying or jumping over obstacles.


  • Pets can be unlocked by completing certain quests or finding them in the wild.
  • Pets can provide companionship and protection, and they can also help you gather resources.
  • Some pets also have special abilities, such as finding hidden treasures or attacking enemies.

Cosmetic Items

  • Cosmetic items can be unlocked by completing certain quests or finding them in the wild.
  • Cosmetic items do not provide any gameplay benefits, but they can make your character look cooler.
  • Some cosmetic items include new outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.

Joe Harsa demonstrates how to find feathers

How to Conquer the Wilderness


General Hints
  • Prioritize exploration and gathering resources in the early game. This will give you the necessary materials to craft essential items and build structures.
  • Avoid traveling at night at first. The dangers of the night are more manageable as you progress, so it's best to stick to daytime exploration until you're better equipped.
  • Craft a storage box early on. This will help you manage your inventory and prevent your backpack from becoming full.
  • Cook your food before eating it. Cooked food provides more health and stamina than raw food.
  • Don't waste your gold coins on unnecessary items. Save them for essential purchases, such as backpack upgrades or new equipment.
  • Check the event page regularly for special offers and rewards.
Building Hints
  • Build a shelter to protect yourself from the elements and enemies. A shelter will provide a place to sleep and store your belongings and craft items. Plan your base layout carefully. You'll want to ensure your base is secure and easy to defend. 
    • Build walls and fences to protect your base from enemies. Walls and fences will make it more difficult for enemies to enter your shelter.
    • Build other structures, such as a storage shed or a crafting area. Other structures can provide additional benefits, such as storage space or a dedicated area for crafting.
    • Feel free to experiment with different building designs.
Gathering Resources
  • Chop down trees to gather wood. Wood is a fundamental resource for crafting many items, including weapons, tools, and shelter.
  • Mine rocks to gather stone and ore. Stone is another essential resource used for crafting items, while ore can be smelted into metal, which is used for crafting more advanced items.
  • Harvest plants to gather berries and mushrooms. Berries and mushrooms can be eaten to restore health and stamina.
  • Hunt animals to gather meat and leather. Meat can be eaten to restore health and stamina, while leather can be used to craft clothing and armor.
  • Build a crafting table to start crafting items. A crafting table will allow you to create various items, including weapons, tools, shelter, and clothing.
  • Gather the necessary materials for the item you want to craft. Each item has a list of required materials. You can find these materials by gathering resources in the world.
  • Use the crafting table to create the item. Once you have the required materials, you can use the crafting table to make the item.
  • Equip the right weapon for the job. Different weapons have different strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one for the enemy you're facing is important.
  • Use your skills to your advantage. Each character has unique skills that can be used in combat. Experiment with different skills to find what works best for you.
  • Dodge enemy attacks. Dodging is an essential skill for survival
  • Use your environment to your advantage. Some areas of the world are more dangerous than others, so be careful where you venture.
  • Feel free to run away from a fight if you're outmatched.
  • Heal yourself regularly. There are several ways to heal yourself, so use them often.
  • Explore the world to find new resources, locations, and challenges. The world is vast and full of secrets. Take some time to explore and see what you can find.
  • Be careful not to wander too far from your shelter at night. The dangers of the night are more manageable as you progress, so it's best to stick to daytime exploration until you're better equipped.
  • Mark your location on the map so you can find your way back. The map is a valuable tool for navigation. Use it to mark your location and the locations of important landmarks.

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