Kinect-Free Xbox One for $399: It’s Happening

We’ve lost track of the number of times fans have argued that Microsoft’s best move would be to sell the Xbox One without the Kinect at a lower price, and most of the time, Microsoft’s only response was to insist that the Kinect was a required part of the Xbox One experience. But Phil Spencer […]

Rare Is No Longer Kinect-Only

Since 2010, Rare has focused its efforts on Kinect games. It still supports the Kinect and feels the Xbox One would be a lesser product without it, but it’s branching out again and will be making games that use all control schemes. In an interview with Digital Spy, Rare studio head Craig Duncan said “what […]

Microsoft Introduces Its Own Siri—Cortana

When Windows Phone users get the upcoming 8.1 update, the Bing search feature will be replaced by a personal digital assistant similar to Apple’s Siri. Its name? Cortana. Although this feature is named after the AI from the Halo series, Cortana doesn’t share her appearance, but instead appears as a circle, with speaking/thinking animations. On […]

Xbox One to use More GPU for Graphical Performance?

Some criticism has been launched at the Xbox One’s graphical capabilities lately, but we may see an improvement soon. Currently, 10% of the GPU is reserved for the Kinect attachment, even though many games make limited use of the Kinect, if they use it at all. A new rumor currently doing the rounds is that […]

Xbox One doesn’t require Kinect to function

The good news keeps coming for soon-to-be Xbox One owners (see our recent post on sharing digital games and Xbox Live Gold). Marc Whitten, Xbox Corporate VP, has also just revealed that the Xbox One will not require the new Kinect in order to function normally. This represents somewhat of an (Xbox) 180, as back […]

Why Xbox One Kinect will be awesome

Wanna know what one of the greatest things about Xbox One is? It’s the Kinect 2.0. If you already believe that, keep reading. If you need convincing, keep reading anyway because this article will tell you about some of the things you should be excited about. Kinect for Xbox One offers many things you may […]

FAQ: X1 internet check-ins, Kinect privacy & game licensing

Via the official Xbox Wire, Microsoft has finally come out and told us more or less exactly how game licensing, connectivity requirements, and Kinect privacy will work on the Xbox One (X1). Here’s what you need to know: Game Licensing Buy any game via digital (Xbox Live) or disc on the day of release. No disc required […]