Infamous: Second Son Crosses 1 Million Sales

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Infamous: Second Son released on March 21, and according to the latest blog post from PlayStation, it hit 1 million sales in just 9 days.

This makes it the fastest-selling Infamous title, which is interesting, considering that this is still relatively early in the PS4’s life cycle.

If you enjoyed Second Son, don’t forget to check out the free episodic Paper Trail DLC. Share your comments on Second Son and the Infamous series in the comments below, and let us know if you think it deserves its high sales.

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Infamous Boosts UK PS4 Sales by 106%

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We thought it was impressive when the Xbox One’s sales in the UK jumped by 96% with the release of Titanfall, but it seems the release of Infamous: Second Son had an even greater impact.

According to MCV, the same source that provided the Titanfall figures, Infamous: Second Son boosted sales of the PS4 in the UK by 106%. Now that’s impressive!

Second Son has been fairly well-received. We’re interested in seeing where the Infamous series goes next, especially since Sucker Punch has said the premise of the series allows for protagonists “of any age, any gender, any time, any country” and that future games could feature any character.

Have you played Infamous: Second Son? What do you hope to see next from Sucker Punch?

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Infamous: Second Son’s Technology and Surprising Origins

March 16, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


With the release of Infamous: Second Son just over a week away, it’s no surprise that more and more details are coming out. This time, we don’t have any new gameplay details, but still a lot of interesting bits of information.

Early today, some game footage was leaked that contained a scene from the E3 2013 trailer. The scene looked significantly different, and when a series of comparison shots were revealed, some fans began to insist there was a downgrade in the game’s graphics. Tech Art Lead Jason Connell responded to the rumors by saying there is no downgrade in quality. The differences in that scene are because of the lighting, as they set it in the evening for the final product, while the original trailer showed it in the daylight.

He went on to share a lot of details about the lighting effects in Second Son. At night, the city skies will mimic the real effect known as “light pollution,” where “the clouds turn an average light color from the city below.” Although there is no dynamic time system, the time will change as the player progresses with the story, through eight different times of day. The brightness will vary according to the time of day, just as it does in real life. He also praised the PS4’s power for allowing them to do so many great things, such as allowing for “more lights, more reflections, more particles, [and] lights in particles.”

He’s not the only one who mentioned the particle effects, either. Sucker Punch’s co-founder, Chris Zimmerman, said that with the PS4, “we can have particle systems with tens of thousands of particles without any trouble, and have up to a hundred or two thousand particles on screen at once in effects-heavy shots.” These particle effects are what allow for the beautiful powers we’ve seen so far in Second Son’s trailers.

We’ll leave you with one final, bizarre piece of information, which Zimmerman shared with GameSpot. The Infamous series was originally planned as “Animal Crossing, but you were a super hero.” At one point, they imagined a section where you confronted “a gang of purple gorillas who were stealing balloons.”

We aren’t quite sure how Sucker Punch went from purple gorillas to the current incarnation of the Infamous series, but the previous games and everything we’ve seen about Second Son makes us glad it happened!

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Infamous: Second Son – Different Times of Day, Rumored High Sales

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Infamous time of day

A lot of information has been leaked about Infamous: Second Son over the past couple of days, because some players have managed to get their hands on early copies. However, Sucker Punch has officially asked them not to share any spoilers, including gameplay footage, because of the effort it has put into keeping things a secret. The good news is that there are still plenty of details we can discuss!

Tech Art Lead Jason Connell previously mentioned the lighting effects used in the different times of day in Infamous: Second Son. Today, Sucker Punch released a gif showing a single location at seven different times of day. Connell mentioned eight times of day, which makes us curious about that time that remains unrevealed. Perhaps it contains spoilers?

Check it out and witness all of the beautiful lighting and weather effects.

Infamous time of day animated

Meanwhile, DualShockers revealed some spoiler-free leaked screenshots of actual gameplay, rather than cutscenes. Take a look.

Infamous leaked screenshot

Are you looking forward to Infamous: Second Son? One industry insider believes a ton of people are. According to Pete “FamousMortimer” Dodd, the game’s social metrics are “through the roof.” While we can’t confirm his inside knowledge, he has used the high number of views on last week’s Second Son gameplay trailer as support for his claim. (He also claims EA wishes they brought Titanfall to Sony’s consoles.)

Well, we’ve just got under a week to go before we can hear some real sales figures.

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New Trailer for Infamous: Second Son

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“If you had the power in your hands, what would you do?”

So asks the newest trailer for Infamous: Second Son, which will hit the PS4 in just over a week, on March 21. It’s a short trailer, but it reminds fans of the moral questions that are central themes on the Infamous series. Check it out.

We also have new details on Second Son’s day-one patch, thanks to Dualshockers interview with Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming. According to Fleming, the patch is only 350 Mb, and it is “well worth the time to download it.”

At only 350 Mb, the patch shouldn’t delay anyone too long, so if you had doubts about downloading it, you probably should reconsider. So far, Infamous: Second Son looks like it will be an excellent next-gen experience and a worthy addition to the series.

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Infamous: Second Son’s Destruction Features, Campaign Length, and More

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With less than two weeks before Infamous: Second Son launches for the PS4, we’ve learned some new details about the game, thanks to information given by Sucker Punch Productions’ Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman during Destructoid’s recent live stream.

Second Son will feature destructible environments, and destruction is permanent. When you destroy something belonging to the DUP, it will remain destroyed for the entire game. That’s a pretty neat feature, and something that wouldn’t be possible on a less powerful system.

According to Zimmerman, the main story of Infamous: Second Son is about 10-12 hours long, not including the time players may take to complete side missions and find collectibles. However, the “evil” playthrough might be somewhat shorter, due to the gameplay style required.

He also discussed a steel-based power they considered implementing, but eventually discarded, and explained Sucker Punch’s decision to not use a day/night cycle. Check out the stream to learn more. Zimmerman comes in at about 32:18 into the video.

Are you planning to pick up the next game in the Infamous series? What are you looking forward to the most from Second Son?

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PS4 Infamous Bundle Still in the Lead

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Last week was an interesting time for game bundle news. We told you about the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which seemed a surefire way to boost the sales of the Xbox One, as it effectively discounted the console by including the game for free. A few days later, we told you about GameStop’s PlayStation 4 Infamous: Second Son bundle, which did not discount anything, but nevertheless became GameStop’s bestseller.

Well, it’s still there.

The Titanfall bundle held the top position on GameStop’s sales charts for a while, but the Infamous bundle took its place and has yet to budge. The Titanfall bundle, which we previously reported in the 23rd position, has since risen to 12th.

Interestingly, Titanfall itself is GameStop’s second bestselling product right now, with Infamous: Second Son in the 19th position, which suggests the first-person shooter is the more popular game—at least among players who have already upgraded to the next generation. We can’t be sure if Infamous is giving the PS4 a bigger boost than Titanfall is giving the Xbox One, or if the high popularity of the Infamous bundle has more to do with the scarcity of the PS4. After all, right now ordering the bundle is one of the few ways you can get ahold of Sony’s console.

Are you interested in one or both of these bundles? What are your thoughts on Infamous and Titanfall, and what do you think about this interesting sales phenomenon?

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Infamous: Second Son Goes Gold

February 26, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you’ve enjoyed Sucker Punch Productions’ Infamous games, or if you’re thinking about trying it out, you’re probably looking forward to the release of the latest addition to their open world action-adventure series. Infamous: Second Son will see a global release on March 21, exclusively for the PS4.

That date is coming up fast, and we’re pleased to report that Infamous: Second Son has officially gone gold as of today. It’s all ready and waiting for March 21. We’ve previously shown you some screenshots, and while we still don’t know a lot about the game or its new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, everything we’ve seen looks fantastic.

Are you going to pick up a copy? If you’re interested in getting it but have yet to buy a PS4, GameStop announced an Infamous: Second Son PS4 bundle today, which has already become a best seller.

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Infamous: Second Son PS4 Bundle Becomes GameStop Bestseller

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For players in the US, GameStop has just announced a PS4 Infamous: Second Son bundle. It comes with the PS4 console, Infamous: Second Son, an additional DualShock 4 controller, and a 1-year membership of PlayStation Plus. You can preorder it now for $569.96, so it won’t actually save you any money, but it’s still a new way for fans to get ahold of the hard-to-find PS4 console, as well as a highly anticipated game.

And that seems to be enough.

The bundle has already hit the top of GameStop’s bestseller list, far outstripping other console bundles. The Titanfall Xbox One bundle is only 23rd on the list, although when it comes to the games themselves, standalone Titanfall is 8th and standalone Infamous: Second Son is 33rd.

These are very interesting numbers, especially since the Titanfall bundle effectively gives customers a discount. It looks to us like a lot of people are going for the Infamous: Second Son bundle so they can get a PS4. Are you planning to pick up a bundle? Let us know your thoughts.

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Infamous: Second Son – New Screenshots and Details

February 20, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment

SCEA’s third entry to the Infamous series, Infamous: Second Son, was unveiled a year ago. The first two games were released on the PS3, but Second Son will be a PS4 exclusive. It will release on March 21.

Last week, we showed you some new screenshots of the game environments and the powers used by the new protagonist, Delsin Rowe. Now we have two more screenshots to share. Like the previous ones, they really demonstrate the power of the PS4 and the attention to graphical detail new games are capable of.

1 - q9kZMeK

2 - e5AnKA7

We’ve also gotten to see the box art, thanks to PlayStation France Community Coordinator PixelTux. He revealed both the front and back cover, in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. The information on the back cover shows the installation size to be 24 GB. On the PS4, that should mean you won’t have to wait very long at all for your game to install.


Additionally, European fans might want to head on over to PSN to take advantage of the current sale on the previous Infamous games and DLC.

What are your thoughts on Infamous: Second Son? Are you planning to pick it up when it releases in just over a month?

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