Infamous: Second Son’s Destruction Features, Campaign Length, and More

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With less than two weeks before Infamous: Second Son launches for the PS4, we’ve learned some new details about the game, thanks to information given by Sucker Punch Productions’ Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman during Destructoid’s recent live stream.

Second Son will feature destructible environments, and destruction is permanent. When you destroy something belonging to the DUP, it will remain destroyed for the entire game. That’s a pretty neat feature, and something that wouldn’t be possible on a less powerful system.

According to Zimmerman, the main story of Infamous: Second Son is about 10-12 hours long, not including the time players may take to complete side missions and find collectibles. However, the “evil” playthrough might be somewhat shorter, due to the gameplay style required.

He also discussed a steel-based power they considered implementing, but eventually discarded, and explained Sucker Punch’s decision to not use a day/night cycle. Check out the stream to learn more. Zimmerman comes in at about 32:18 into the video.

Are you planning to pick up the next game in the Infamous series? What are you looking forward to the most from Second Son?

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