Infamous: Second Son Crosses 1 Million Sales

Infamous: Second Son released on March 21, and according to the latest blog post from PlayStation, it hit 1 million sales in just 9 days. This makes it the fastest-selling Infamous title, which is interesting, considering that this is still relatively early in the PS4’s life cycle. If you enjoyed Second Son, don’t forget to […]

Infamous Boosts UK PS4 Sales by 106%

We thought it was impressive when the Xbox One’s sales in the UK jumped by 96% with the release of Titanfall, but it seems the release of Infamous: Second Son had an even greater impact. According to MCV, the same source that provided the Titanfall figures, Infamous: Second Son boosted sales of the PS4 in […]

Infamous: Second Son’s Technology and Surprising Origins

With the release of Infamous: Second Son just over a week away, it’s no surprise that more and more details are coming out. This time, we don’t have any new gameplay details, but still a lot of interesting bits of information. Early today, some game footage was leaked that contained a scene from the E3 […]

Infamous: Second Son – Different Times of Day, Rumored High Sales

A lot of information has been leaked about Infamous: Second Son over the past couple of days, because some players have managed to get their hands on early copies. However, Sucker Punch has officially asked them not to share any spoilers, including gameplay footage, because of the effort it has put into keeping things a […]

New Trailer for Infamous: Second Son

“If you had the power in your hands, what would you do?” So asks the newest trailer for Infamous: Second Son, which will hit the PS4 in just over a week, on March 21. It’s a short trailer, but it reminds fans of the moral questions that are central themes on the Infamous series. Check […]

Infamous: Second Son’s Destruction Features, Campaign Length, and More

With less than two weeks before Infamous: Second Son launches for the PS4, we’ve learned some new details about the game, thanks to information given by Sucker Punch Productions’ Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman during Destructoid’s recent live stream. Second Son will feature destructible environments, and destruction is permanent. When you destroy something belonging to the DUP, […]

PS4 Infamous Bundle Still in the Lead

Last week was an interesting time for game bundle news. We told you about the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which seemed a surefire way to boost the sales of the Xbox One, as it effectively discounted the console by including the game for free. A few days later, we told you about GameStop’s PlayStation 4 […]

Infamous: Second Son Goes Gold

If you’ve enjoyed Sucker Punch Productions’ Infamous games, or if you’re thinking about trying it out, you’re probably looking forward to the release of the latest addition to their open world action-adventure series. Infamous: Second Son will see a global release on March 21, exclusively for the PS4. That date is coming up fast, and […]

Infamous: Second Son PS4 Bundle Becomes GameStop Bestseller

For players in the US, GameStop has just announced a PS4 Infamous: Second Son bundle. It comes with the PS4 console, Infamous: Second Son, an additional DualShock 4 controller, and a 1-year membership of PlayStation Plus. You can preorder it now for $569.96, so it won’t actually save you any money, but it’s still a […]

Infamous: Second Son – New Screenshots and Details

SCEA’s third entry to the Infamous series, Infamous: Second Son, was unveiled a year ago. The first two games were released on the PS3, but Second Son will be a PS4 exclusive. It will release on March 21. Last week, we showed you some new screenshots of the game environments and the powers used by […]