Xbox One Does Not Have a Second GPU

We aren’t entirely sure where the Xbox One dual GPU rumor started, but it seems to be the work of a dubious source known as “Mister X.” Whoever started it, however, it isn’t true. Albert Penello, who is in charge of planning for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Kinect, denied the rumors. In fact, […]

Xbox One to use More GPU for Graphical Performance?

Some criticism has been launched at the Xbox One’s graphical capabilities lately, but we may see an improvement soon. Currently, 10% of the GPU is reserved for the Kinect attachment, even though many games make limited use of the Kinect, if they use it at all. A new rumor currently doing the rounds is that […]

Official: Xbox One gets a GPU clock speed increase

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the GPU (graphics processing unit) in the Xbox One has had it’s clock speed increased since E3. A new graphics driver has also been developed. Microsoft corporate VP Marc Whitten broke the news during a podcast with Major Nelson (take a listen here) saying: This is the time where we’ve […]