Games with Gold Titles Announced for March

February is almost over, and Microsoft has announced the next month’s titles for Games with Gold. All month long, Xbox One owners who are members of Xbox Live Gold will be able to pick up Rayman Legends for free. This colorful platformer is one of the best rated Xbox One games, praised for its gameplay, […]

Xbox One Games With Gold Begins This Month

Last month we learned that Games With Gold (the newer, Xbox equivalent of the free games given to subscribers of Sony’s PlayStation Plus) would finally be coming to the Xbox One. As with PS+, you’ll only be able to keep these games for as long as you’re a member of Xbox Live Gold, which is […]

Will the Xbox Live Gold Paywall Be Changed?

Phil Spencer has been causing some waves in the gaming community since he was appointed the head of Xbox. His determination to focus on games and gamers is a beacon of hope for fans who think the Xbox One has been caught up in too many non-gaming activities. He’s working hard to make the Xbox […]

Week of Xbox Live Gold To Make Up for March 11’s Issues

Remember back when the Xbox One had numerous Xbox Live sign-in issues on March 11? It was the launch day of Titanfall, and more than a few players were annoyed that they couldn’t even play their new game. Well, if you were one of the users who had issues logging in, you should be receiving […]

Unlimited Money Glitch for Thief

If you’ve been playing the new Thief game, you might be looking for ways to earn more gold. After all, gold is a critical part of the game, and finding treasures to sell aren’t always easy. Well, players have discovered an infinite money glitch. Basically, you have to take advantage of a feature in Ector’s […]

Titanfall Goes Gold, Won’t Have 1080p on Xbox One

It’s official—Titanfall has gone gold. Respawn made the announcement last night on Twitter, complete with a picture of a Titanfall game box. We’re gold!!!!!! #titanfall — Respawn (@Respawn) February 27, 2014 We also can refute one of the resolution claims we heard the other day. When asked, Respawn’s Vince Zampella said Titanfall will not run […]

Infamous: Second Son Goes Gold

If you’ve enjoyed Sucker Punch Productions’ Infamous games, or if you’re thinking about trying it out, you’re probably looking forward to the release of the latest addition to their open world action-adventure series. Infamous: Second Son will see a global release on March 21, exclusively for the PS4. That date is coming up fast, and […]

Check out this “real gold” Xbox One

Harrod’s department store in London, which is pretty famous for getting in swanky/expensive/interesting stuff, currently has for sale a 24 karat gold plated Xbox One console. If this sounds like your kinda thing then provided you have the £6,000 asking price in cash (currently around USD$9,500) then it could be all yours! We have to […]

Xbox One allows limited digital game and Gold features sharing

Microsoft has just announced two pretty big benefits in terms of Xbox One functionality and features: When someone purchases and downloads an Xbox One game onto their console (digital games will be available from their release date, by the way) that game will be available to all users of that console, regardless of whether they […]

Xbox One DVR, SmartMatch require Gold subscription

Yesterday we talked about the Xbox One and it’s DVR system being limited to recording clips at a maximum of 720p and 30fps. Well today we’ve found out that you’ll also need to be a Xbox Live Gold member to enjoy it. Other services requiring a Gold subscription have actually come to light too, including […]