Xbox One DVR, SmartMatch require Gold subscription

August 7, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


Yesterday we talked about the Xbox One and it’s DVR system being limited to recording clips at a maximum of 720p and 30fps. Well today we’ve found out that you’ll also need to be a Xbox Live Gold member to enjoy it.

Other services requiring a Gold subscription have actually come to light too, including the ability to use Skype, OneGuide (best described as a “TV guide type thing”) and SmartMatch (a way to get paired more efficiently with other gamers for multiplayer games).

To be honest I find all these features being behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall a pretty bitter pill to swallow. There’s nothing stopping the DVR clips being saved to the console’s hard-drive (it doesn’t need to be uploaded to the Xbox Cloud) so why charge for it? Skype I’m used to being free, except when I call a phone number and in which case I am happy to pay Skype for the privilege.

SmartMatch being Gold only is probably the biggest disappointment. But then again you can’t play online with your Xbox with a Gold subscription, so it makes sense!

What’s your view?

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2 responses to “Xbox One DVR, SmartMatch require Gold subscription”

  1. Obvious Choice says:

    Honestly how anyone actually uses their Xbox 360, or WILL use their Xbox One without a Gold subscription is beyond me…

  2. Darth Force says:

    More limitations. Although I see in a new post here that you can share Gold across users on the same console. That is at least one good thing.

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