Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive Content

At last, we know more details about the exclusive content coming to the PS4 and PS3 versions of Watch Dogs. As previously announced, it will be approximately 1 hour of additional game content, as well as a new costume, the “White Hat Hacker.” The gameplay content will consist of four missions, which center around the […]

Respawn May Make Games for Other Consoles in the Future

Since Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox consoles and the PC, it’s not surprising that many fans have wondered if Respawn Entertainment will continue to work exclusively with Microsoft in the future. Respawn’s community manager, Abbie Heppe, recently addressed the matter. Respawn has a relatively small development team, so the narrower focus helped them ensure Titanfall […]

PS4 vs Xbox One games – visual comparison

We’re not sure if this entire graphic came from IGN or whether it was just the boxart images, but either way it’s an excellent visual representation of what games you can expect for each of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One – both on launch day and then within the following “launch window” (ie the […]

Comparison graphic: PS4 vs Xbox One exclusive games

Today we found this extremely easy to read comparison graphic that shows which games are exclusive to each of the PS4 and the Xbox One. As you can see each list has three columns as follows: Platform (game is available for mutliple Xbox or Playstation systems eg the X1 and Xbox 360), Xbox One/PS4 only […]

Titanfall confirmed Xbox and PC exclusive

Titanfall is a 100% confirmed exclusive title for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC only, Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen advised during his company’s earnings call today. This means if you own a Playstation 3, or are planning on getting a PS4, don’t expect it to become available for your platform – ever. In […]

Microsoft confirms list of Xbox One launch titles

Microsoft wants you to know that Xbox One is all about the games and today they released a full list of Xbox One launch titles as well as some interesting statistics about the games they’ve announced for the system to date. Xbox One game statistics (all games – not limited to launch titles) 38% of […]

Showcase: 20 confirmed Xbox One exclusive games

The Xbox One has a very impressive 20 exclusive games announced for it so far and the YouTube clip embedded below showcases them all (along with couple of Xbox 360 games). Check out the video first and then see how many exclusive Xbox One games you can name. Note that for the purposes of this […]

Complete list of announced Xbox One games

Edit: check out this list which is more up to date. Potential problems with the console itself aside, the games Microsoft showed at E3 for the Xbox One were pretty impressive, and then we realized – we don’t have a handy list up yet for you guys! So without further ado… Below is every single […]

A list of all confirmed PS4 games

E3 is over and while we’re going to properly sit down and rummage through all the information/carnage over the next few weeks, we asked ourselves what’s the most pressing information you’d want to know right now? The answer was obvious: GAMES! Below is a list of every game confirmed for the PS4 so far. You’ll […]

System Achievements confirmed with “Day One” Achievement

We now know that the Xbox One (X1) will be released during November this year with a price tag of $499 in the United States. You can check out more details here if you want. In the box you’ll get the console with a 500GB hard drive, a Kinect 2 and a new X1 controller. […]