System Achievements confirmed with “Day One” Achievement

June 11, 2013 by Staff - 9 Comments

We now know that the Xbox One (X1) will be released during November this year with a price tag of $499 in the United States. You can check out more details here if you want.

In the box you’ll get the console with a 500GB hard drive, a Kinect 2 and a new X1 controller. However, if you preorder the system in order to reserve it for launch day, you’ll receive a special “Day One Edition” Xbox One package.


The specifics of the X1 system itself won’t change with the “Day One Edition”, but you will get:

  • a slightly different controller (see above);
  • a special “Day One” achievement; and
  • pieces of exclusive DLC for a couple of games.

We actually predicted the Day One Achievement in this article here, and it seems to us a fairly clever/ruthless way for Microsoft to get a few extra X1 preorders under it’s belt – particularly from Achievement hunters. Imagine being an Achievement addict and knowing that you could never, ever get the Day One Achievement no matter what you did… it’s enough to drive even the most level-headed junkie insane!

It also marks the beginning of a new genre and type of Achievement – system Achievements that aren’t tied to a specific game. Again, we hinted at this possibility in an earlier article – make sure you read our thoughts there to get an idea of what could be on it’s way given these new Achievements.

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9 responses to “System Achievements confirmed with “Day One” Achievement”

  1. PommyGit says:

    Sounds like the natural next step to me…

  2. Batman says:

    I’m so thrilled…….

  3. ppSucks says:

    Sony keeps up the quality games; Microsoft tries to sell users on “achievements”.


    I’m switching to PS next gen; no more xbox for me.

    This is just beyond pathetic; wtf are you doing microsoft?

    • John Joe Silver says:

      at E3 didn’t sony mostly show multiplats while M$ showed a number of quality exclusives (depending on your tastes of course)?

      • Entrep says:

        The Xbox One games were good. no doubt. It’s just this DRM and internet thing making me question what to do…

        • John Joe Silver says:

          my way of looking at it is… i don’t really trade in games so the DRM issue not really one for me and i currently have my 360 hooked up constantly… do i have internet downtime? yeah every now and then but thank whomever i’m not constantly attached to my console and have the option of doing other things…. and yes i know different people different situations but it’s my personal input in the whole thing… if M$ aren’t just spoofing about the cloud and it improves gameplay whether through updating games constantly with no longer huge load times or processing (even i doubt that one (increasing it noticeably) is possible at the moment)

          personal choices is what it comes down to and i personally can’t see the 48mil or whatever current gold users suddenly going nope done because i have to connect once every 24 hours or i can’t lend my games multiple times (with EA games you couldn’t even lend it once with the pass staying intact so that’s another story)

          • Dan says:

            I still have my Nes, Snes, megadrive, saturn, ps1, ps2, dreamcast and i can hook them up to the TV and play them at any time. In 20 year times you have a big black brick on your hands with the xbox1… That’s why I won’t be going near one.

          • Jim Neerland says:

            Cool and was broadband internet a huge part of hundreds of millions of peoples lives as it is today?

          • John Joe Silver says:

            that’s fantastic to know you still have them so do i but i don’t play them ever they’re part of the collection now and that’s where they stay, and once the next gen is properly underway and there’s a decent line up released the 360 and ps3 i own will join them and the xbox one and ps4 will replace them and so on and so forth until i die or games consoles stop being made

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