New Companions, Screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition

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When we last discussed Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of our questions was about the mysterious elf mage companion seen in one of the shots. Well, we finally have official word about him. A German magazine claimed one of the companions in Inquisition is an elf mage named Solace. When people began discussing the rumor, Bioware writer David Gaider stepped in to correct them on the elf’s name. It is Solas. (And if you’ve heard rumors about a Tevinter mage named Dorian, Gaider also confirmed that Solas is not Dorian.)

Dragon Age Solas

Meanwhile, many fans believe the qunari warrior “Iron Bull,” seen in Inquisition concept art, will be yet another companion.

Dragon Age Iron Bull

As of now, we know five of the Inquisitor’s companions: Varric, Cassandra, Vivienne, Solas, and Iron Bull. Previous games had eight total companions, so we’re hoping to see three more. One may be a female rogue, and maybe Dorian will make an appearance after all.

Bioware plans to reveal new information about a companion each month, beginning with Vivienne.

Dragon Age Vivienne

In addition to the new shot of Solas, several additional screenshots have been revealed. Bioware has also hinted at things we might see at E3, including cutscene footage, story details, conversations, and more. We can’t wait!

We’ll keep you update as more news about Dragon Age: Inquisition is revealed. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the Dragon Age series and this upcoming game.

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