New Companion for Dragon Age: Inquisition, DA Keep Beta Begins Soon

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One of the most exciting RPGs planned for this year is Dragon Age: Inquisition. The third entry in the Dragon Age series will release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360, and after the lackluster reaction to Dragon Age II, we’re not alone in keeping a close watch on news from Bioware.

So far, Bioware has announced many great things about the game, and a few days ago, they released a video called “Discover the Dragon Age.” It shows off the world’s environments, but what caught many players eyes’ was an unrecognized party member in scenes with the Inquisitor, Cassandra, and Varric.

This new companion appears to be a male elf and a mage. If Bioware comes out with official details about him, we’ll let you know.

However, that’s not the only news on the Dragon Age front. Since Inquisition is making the jump to the next-gen consoles, Bioware is working on a new solution to carry over story choices from the previous games. It will take the form of Dragon Age Keep, and players who were chosen for the beta are currently receiving their invitations.

If you would like a chance to try out Dragon Age Keep in a future beta, you can still sign up on the website. Plot decisions are a critical part of a series like Dragon Age, so we hope Keep works as well as Bioware anticipates. If you’re a part of the beta, let us know how it goes.

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