Driveclub’s Delay: Sony Believes it is the Right Decision

Last Updated: February 1, 2014


Driveclub was originally announced as one of the PS4’s launch titles, so many fans (including everyone here at!) were dismayed when it was delayed until 2014. We still don’t have an official release date for the game, but Sony’s Fergal Gara believes the delay was definitely the right decision.

“It was quite ambitious and didn’t get there in the timeline hoped,” said Gara. “That’s not great, but it’s far better to bring it out at the standard.”

Driveclub, with its extensive social features, promises to be an excellent title for racing game fans. Although a definite release date would be nice, we understand Gara’s decision. Many games have been damaged when they were rushed and released before they were ready. We would rather have to wait a little longer for Driveclub than receive a substandard, half-finished product.