DriveClub Officially Delayed Until 2014

October 20, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


In what is sure to be a pretty big blow for PS4 fans (particularly ones of the racing genre like yours truly), DriveClub has been officially delayed until 2014.

“Early 2014” is the official word on when we can expect to see the game, with Sony also confirming that puzzle title “Contrast” will take DriveClub’s spot as a free Playstation Plus title upon the launch of the PS4 next month (yes, it’s next month!).

As for reasoning, SCE President Shuhei Yoshida had the following to say:

DRIVECLUB will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision — and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations.

So basically they didn’t think it was going to be good enough…

If there’s one positive thing to come out of this I suppose it’s that we’ll still get DriveClub for free in addition to it’s “free launch title replacement”, Contrast.

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