Both Choices and Actions Have an Effect in Inquisition

Last Updated: April 24, 2014

Dragon Age dragon

The release date has been announced for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more details are slowly being revealed. Two things have been clarified recently–namely, the effects that your choices and actions will have on the world.

We aren’t at all surprised to hear that the player will alter the story through choices made in the game, because that’s a standard part of the Dragon Age series. Besides, we already know there will be numerous endings based on those choices. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw also said in an interview that your choices will affect which pieces of the story you see. Your actions will “lock away” certain parts of the story, so different players will have a different experience.

However, according to Producer Cameron Lee, your actions will affect Inquisition, as well. He provided an example:

“So if I came into the forest area of the game and started slaughtering all the bandits in that area, other factions can start to come into place. Then if you kill all of those a different faction comes in, and you can have different relations with those and take different sides.”

Other actions, such as taking over a region and repairing a bridge, will physically alter the world in Inquisition.

It sounds as though players will have a lot of influence in this game, and that’s a great thing. If there are many different variations, this should give Inquisition a lot of replay value.