Hundreds of Minor Variations in DA: Inquisition’s Endings

April 3, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


Remember when we told you Dragon Age: Inquisition would have 40 different endings? We’ve learned some more information, and it’s even more impressive than what we first thought.

Bioware’s Mark Darrah stepped in to clarify what these different endings entail. While there will only be a few endings that are completely unique, there are 40 “major variations” and literally hundreds of “minor variations” between endings.

The forty major differences will depend on the important decisions you’ve made throughout the game, while the minor differences will come in based on different decisions you’ve made in both Inquisition and the previous two Dragon Age games.

This sounds excellent, and we hope Bioware will come through and deliver on these promises.

We’ve also got a new screenshot to show off, courtesy of Bioware’s Twitter account. Take a look at the Dales: Exalted Plains.

Dragon Age Exalted Plains

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