$150 to SuperEpicMiner – August Competition Winner

September 4, 2018 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment

Congratulations to our monthly competition winner SuperEpicMiner!

He’s received $150 in Nintendo eShop Gift Vouchers for submitting his glitches/ hints and easter eggs for ‘The Adventure Pals‘. You can check them out here.

$150 goes to SuperEpicMiner for Adventure Pals tips!

We chose his entries because we felt they came from his experience, were well written and would be helpful to anyone exploring The Adventure Pals (which is a quirky game about friendship involving a small boy and his adventures with a pet rock and a giraffe).

What’s your favorite console Super?
“My 3DS or Switch.”

What’s your current favorite game?
“Super Mario 3D World.” (We agree, this was one of Nintendo’s best).

What’s the best gaming ‘cheat’ you’ve ever found, read about and used?
“That’s probably the secret warp whistles in Super Mario Bros 3 (or anything from the original Sonic Trilogy).”

How will you be spending your prize loot?
“Nintendo games, don’t know yet but I can’t wait!”

Our competition is still pretty new there’s opportunity to win $150 again this month.

Don’t worry if you’re under 18, just get the permission of your parent or guardian and we’ll deliver your prize. Checkout the full rules / terms here.



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