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  • Genre: Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10+
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Dantdm sticker Easter Eggs

Unlocking a certain sticker pack will reward you with a sticker of a minecart full of diamonds. This is a reference to the Diamond Minecart (Dantdm) who played the game demo and also got his own skin in the game as well.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   5

How  do  you  activate  the  skin
- Dhdhjd, 9 months ago - Reply  
if  you  are  on  pc,  press  the  ~  button,  it  looks  like  a  swiggle  and  then  type  dantdm
- ju6gt76btbrcht c, 1 week ago - Reply  

Easier Mr B. Fight Hints

After defeating the first final boss, Mr B. will escape, where you confront him for a final showdown. Instead of using your sword, (which is risky and does minimal damage) chuck all the bombs you got, as you can stay moving away from B's attacks and quickly smash through his health.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   4

Easier moon arena Glitches

During wave 4 of the moon arena, two blocks will dissapear and reveal lasers to wipe out anything in their paths. When wave 4 ends, quickly stand where a block used to be until wave 5 starts. With proper timing, you can jump out of the hole before the laser shoots you, and from then on, even after the block reappears after you leave, the laser will continue to shoot and wipe out the enemies, making the hardest part easier.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   3

Save money on health potions Hints

If you are having trouble on a certain stage, know that small and large hp potions have the same effect and small potions cost half as much as large potions.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   3

Enemy wave softlock Glitches

In any level where you get locked in a room with spikes and enemies (Arenas included) DO NOT knock enemies into spikes to kill them. Doing so will skip the trigger to open the door to continue (Or the next arena wave) And trap you in the room, forcing you to restart the level.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   2

Climb any wall Hints

To easily scale any wall, jump off it, then hover back to it to gain height. Then repeat this process. This skill is very useful to make ridiculously easy shortcuts to cupcakes and treasure chests.

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   2

Buy invincibility potions Hints

If you go to a shop, you will notice that there are no invincibility potions for sale, yet there are stickers for sale. Buy the shop's sticker, and invincibility potions will take it's place (You'll thank me later)

By: SuperEpicMiner   Comment   1

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How  do  you  get  the  dantdm  skin
- Dhdhjd, 9 months ago - Reply  

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