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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Project Clean Earth
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jun 1, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Indie
  • Themes: Action, Science fiction

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Cheats and Trainers


Project Clean Earth doesn’t support cheats for its platform. But you can optimize your character's skills, upgrade weapons, and add resources by using the following modification APK.

You can download this APK from Using this mod will give you items like drones and relics to help you complete your goal in the game. With extra items, you will be able to strategically be able to combine your attacks like range or melee attacks.

You will no longer just receive random relics but will have access to the relics you want. You will also progress faster through the game and unlock new stages and modes.

Weapon and Ability Guide


The APK Module is definitely something your need to have in your chipset. It increases weapon damage more than your average upgrade would. Make sure you have this before your upgrade your weapons. 

The shotgun isn’t that impressive until you get its unique tier. If you can get the shotgun tier early, you will find that it will be a super beneficial weapon to use. It will most likely be your go-to weapon. 

The sniper rifle is a great weapon to have. When you upgrade your weapon to rare, you will be able to, at times, kill basic enemies in one shot with headshots. You also can deal heavy damage to bosses with the sniper rifle.

How to unlock the Blast Furnace.


In Project Cleans Earth, you can unlock weapons and techniques as you pass different levels. If you are wondering how to unlock the Blast Furnace you need to complete one of to stages. You need to complete either level 10 or level 12. 

Use a Robot


To face enemies in Project Clean Earth, you can’t just rely on your basic weapons. The monsters are strong and require a strong weapon to beat. You will need to find yourself a more powerful weapon. 

Thankfully, you have a great sidekick who has the weapons you need to take down the big bosses. Your robot companion has weapons such as a flamethrower, machine gun, and rocket launcher. 

Use your robot often to help you progress through the game faster.

Choosing the right Chipset


You get various chipsets to choose from in Project Clean Earth. They all offer different abilities to help you overcome challenges. For example, if you choose the Spiral Barrel chipset, you will find that it increases your Critical Attack. 

The further you progress, the more chipsets you will unlock. As you unlock more, try to use them as you play so you can learn which ones work best for different situations. Your chipset will help you in difficult situations. 

Collect Items


As you explore the map and defeat enemies or level up, you will find and receive new items. Collect your items well. You receive items like weapons, relics, drones, and chipsets that make your attacks more effective in challenges.

You are often given a choice when you receive something. For example, when you level up and are given a new chipset, you generally have a choice of four to choose from. Choose the one that will benefit you the most.

Explore the Map


The map in Project Clean Earth is large, and you will never get the most out of the game if you don’t explore. If you have goals and monsters you want to take down, then go for it, but as you explore, you will find new areas and monsters to defeat.

Tesla Coil


The tesla coil is best used if you have advanced yourself in the magic tier. The tesla is great for targeting enemies that are difficult to get to. Use it to weaken enemies before they get to you to make defeating them easier.

Ice Punch


The Ice Punch doesn’t deal loads of damage, but it does help you slow your enemies down. Use this if you are overloaded with multiple enemies; it will give you time to defeat them. Using the ice punch is also well paired with the sniper if you are the level to one-shot your enemies.



Mines are really beneficial if you pair them with the ATK Module. They improve in their critical damage given, and life steals. You receive different types of mines, like a high explosive mine or a black hole mine. 

Mines stagger enemies and disorientate them or stop them in their place. You can also use a drone to place mines. If you prefer a more strategic playing style, use mine often. 

Defense Chipsets


Defensive or support chipsets like Polymer Armor, Big Batteries, and Vibrating Modules are essential when you are taking on difficult enemies. Items like the vibrating module help decrease damage given by enemies by up to 33%. 

Your defense chipsets will also improve as you unlock a new tier. Especially when you start the game, prioritize your defense chipset. Using chips set such as the invincible shield will help you survive the attacks of bosses well.



Turrents include guns, rockets, beams, healing, and ice turrents. Turrets work well as items that aid you in difficult situations. They can life steal and deal a lot of damage to enemies depending on what turret you are using.

Unfortunately, you can’t improve your turret damage with an APK. You need to take the time to upgrade your turrets. The Gun Turret is perfect for single targets. The rocket turret is great for dealing damage to targets that are spread out. 

The healing turret is the best placed close to yourself so you can be healed while you are attacking. The ice turret will deal little damage while slowing down enemies. When you are exploring, it's always good to be selective with the turrets you are being alone.

It is always great to have one offensive turret with you and one defensive turret with you. So take at least a rocket turret and a healing turret with you. If you know the area, this should also help you decide what turret would be best to take with you.

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