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Last Updated: October 25, 2021
My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero
  • First Released: May 17, 2021

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Starting multiple servers for rewards 


You can start with 10 or 15 servers while logged into the game. There are some benefits that you miss out on because you started a server at a specific time.

Don't continue with that account if you don’t get a good initial pull on banners with the 10 tickets you get at the beginning of the game or the extra hero points.

Go to the mail area to see what claims are available and claim as much as you can. 

Random Bot account


There is a bot account that will appear if you search long enough

This account doesn’t appear all the time but if you carry on clicking switch, there are accounts that appear in exceptional condition. They are always below 40 000 and if you go against them it’s a quick win and an east exit.

In the Video you will see what the bot account can look like and how easy it is to gain the rewards.

The Egg plot

Easter Eggs

When you are exploring Ben 3D world and searching for the city collections, there are also plot easter eggs that you can trigger. If you hand specific items to the NPC you can trigger an unexpected egg plot. 

In the main city of England go to the grocery store, buy egg coins from the cashier. Throw them into the Heros Egg Torker which you will find next to the grocery store. This will give you a chance to win the Hero toy torke eggs. You can also try handing the Hero toys torke to the depressed little boy next to you and see what clues appear to you.

Earn 1800 in points 

In the main city go to the convenience store and buy a small fish dry. Then go to the subway station that will take you to the Ben England training area. You will see a black cat on the opposite wall of the entrance to the station. You will need to feed the fish to the cat and the cat character will become unlocked and will join your dorm. 

The legend of the 6 cats


You can find the cats in Honei City. The legend is that when twilight approaches the 6 hungry beats will appear. They devour everything that appears in front of them. 

You are only allowed to feed the cats within a certain period. You will know when this is because the second hero food supply will appear.

You have to buy the dried fish once a day from the store in the city northwest. Go after 6 pm (until 8 pm) to your server’s timezone and then you will get the achievement with the black cat. 

You must unlock the cats in order: Black cat (Subway), Tabby cat name is Bruce (Car), Grey cat name is Gary (Cafe), Ginger cat name is Mikan (Market), Siamese cat name is Sophia (Register) and Calico cat name is blossom (Mailbox). 

How to Use Dried Fish and All Six of The Cat Locations

Toga wears Bane’s mask

Easter Eggs

Bane is a supervillain who appears in DC Batman Comics. Bane made his first appearance in Batman: Vengence of Bane No 1. He is depicted as Batman’s dangerous rival. He belongs to the collective of enemies that make up the Batman rogue gallery. 

Bane has a mixture of brute strength and exceptional intelligence. He is said to be the only villain to have “broken the bat” as he beats him both mentally and physically in the comics. 

Toga becomes a villain because she wishes to create a new society where she can act as she wants to. Whenever she is forced into something she doesn’t like, she becomes angry and violent and this is part of the reason she joins the League of villains.

When Togo is a toddler she comes across a dead bird and she decides to drink its blood. This is the start of Toga’s twisted obsession with drinking blood, which her parents discover. Their discovery leads her to decide to wear a mask in school to hide her love of plasma. 

The mask is reminiscent of Bane’s mask that he uses to administer medical drugs regularly. It keeps the pain just below the surface but also gives him a venom that acts as a super steroid giving him his brute strength. Toga’s mask features flexible tubes and needles that can draw blood from her victims which is drinks and starts to transform. 

Here we see Toga with the mask on.

The Naruto Run

Easter Eggs

The Naruto run has become a big meme in recent years and gained much popularity. Naruto is one of the biggest Anime's out there and is easily more popular than My Hero Academia. 

When a large group of memers on the internet decided to "raid Area 51", somebody would "Naruto Run" behind a cameraman, and spark the Naruto Meme. It seems My Hero Academia was happy to engage in this popular trend and add the Naruto Run as something the characters can do in their game. 

Here We see the Character "Dynamight" doing the Naruto run through the streets.

Get your characters to SS rank


In this game, you will need multiple characters for various things. Some events are difficult in CP, so you need to have a decent amount of CP. You will also need to switch out your characters in events and you are only able to use your characters about 2 or 3 times, so spread them out.

If you build just one really strong character, you may not be able to finish a raid because you didn’t have enough strong characters. 

LegionzGaming goes through some helpful tips with your ranks

Save your stamina for your main story missions


The reason you do this is that in the game you will see peace-keeping rewards and as you complete missions you will unlock the recruit tickets. These will help you do multi’s and summons to get brand new characters or fragments for your current characters. As you go through the story you will also be able to unlock some of these characters. 

So focus your stamina on the peace-keeping rewards which will get you the most amount of profit and rewards in a short period. You will also unlock more because you get more EXP from them. 

Effective Resource Management 


If you are preregistered, after you summon for the first multi you will get quite a few rewards. You can use your tickets to re-roll and you can get your S character but after that, you don’t want to use all your tickets to summon all characters all the time. This is because there will be brand new players coming out and you will need to save for those heroes. 

If you use all of your multi’s at the beginning of the game it will be really tough to collect enough tickets when you are looking for a new hero and it takes a lot of time to get new tickets.

In the video Payne explains the best way to use utilise your resources.

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