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Last Updated: March 26, 2023
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown
  • First Released: Aug 11, 2021

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Free A-coins


A player that wants to get free A-coins in Mech Arena needs must go to the site 

Once a player has loaded the site on their web browser they must enter the site and type in their email address or play store Identity.

The player will be required to type in their operating system and the amount of A-coins they want to generate.

The next step is for the player to get a verification test by downloading multiple applications and opening them for 30 seconds.

Once a player has been verified the A-coins will be generated. The last step is for the player to log in to Mech Arena and the A-coins will be loaded.

Ollie the wolf Aj shares a hack to generate A-coins for players.
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Killshot No weapons 4 v 6


In online mode, a player can invite other players to join their team and battle against another team. The multiplayer mode consists of 10 players on two teams. 

There are five players on each team, when one player from a team moves from their team on the left-hand side and joins the opposite team, on the right-hand side of the screen. 

This will leave one team with four players and the other team will have six players. The words “ Death Match 5x5” will appear.

The team that has four players will experience a glitch. A player that uses the Mech robot ‘Killshot’ as their robot will load with no weapons. 

The player will have no weapons but can execute a kill shot against their opponents by ramming their robots into the other team’s robots. 

Omniverse shows us a glitch discovered in multiplayer mode with the Mech Killshot.

Easter Egg weapons

Easter Eggs

The game called Mech Arena: Robot showdown is a multiplayer robot game created by Plarium and Scarlet Whale.

Easter Egg weapons can be unlocked by players from previous versions of the game. The first weapon is the Gauss Rifle 6. It’s a rare weapon and has similarities to a gun called a Shuriken.

The Javelin Rack 8 is considered an Easter Egg weapon by players of the game. This gun is a rare weapon and has to be unlocked, similar versions of the gun appear in the game.

The Missile Rack 12 is an exotic new weapon included in Mech Arena and is considered an Easter Egg weapon. This weapon has to be unlocked in the game.

Plague Knight Gaming reveals an Easter egg weapon in this video.

Shoot like a pro


To shoot accurately a player has to move the camera with their right thumb while aiming with their left thumb.

A player must wait till the enemy is in their crosshairs and fire. It is advised to not continuously hold down the fire button but to only press the button when the enemy is in the crosshair.

It is important to predict the target trajectory by turning the camera towards the target that is moving.

While the camera is moving a player must get their right hand ready to shoot.

This strategy is only suitable for instant guns in the game. The best instant guns to use in the Mech Area are the Long Arm 8,10 and the Rail gun.

The Longarm gun is the most powerful and accessible from the start of the game.

The game presents players with two different sights for shooting.  

The first sight is the default sight which has an automatic vertical sight.

The second sight is a vertical sight that players can use but it is only suitable for players that play with an emulator only.

Mech Arena -Mayer elaborates on some tips and hints in Mech Arena.

Glitch racing moon map


This glitch can only be done on Elon Station or Patterson Station. A player must take their position at the edge of the ground surface.

Once a player has positioned themselves at the edge of the surface they must switch off their internet connection.

A player must use their controls and move over the edge of the surface into the dead zone.

The player will now enter the dead zone of the map. They must now turn on their internet connection.

Players that have entered the dead zone can race against each other, using their robots, on the outside of the moon. 

KSO Mech Arena takes us through a glitch found on Elon and Patterson Station.Where players can enter a dead zone on the moon map.

Glitch City Mech Arena


A glitch appears in the Mech City Brawl Arena. In order to access this glitch, a player must go to their enemy's base. 

When the player reaches their opponent's main building they must jump consecutively up a wall.

The objective is for the player to reach the roof of their opponent’s building. Once a player is on the roof they must walk slowly on the edge of the roof. 

The glitch allows a player to walk around the outskirts of the roof without falling down.

The player will eventually jump down at the end of the wall and will find themselves outside the walls of the arena.  

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