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Last Updated: July 11, 2023
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Apr 30, 2022
  • Genres: Simulator
  • Themes: Survival, Comedy
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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How to Survive Solitary Confinement


Should you make the wrong decision and refuse to work at the prison, you will be beaten by the wardens and sent into solitary confinement. On your way to solitary confinement, a guard will offer you the chance to purchase food and medicine to survive.

The guard requires 350 coins in exchange for the items, most prisoners will not have enough coins to accept the offer, and it is safe to refuse the offer. On the fifth day of solitary confinement, you will hear some weird noises and be prompted to either open the door's flap or not react.

Should you choose to open the flap of your door, you will be killed by a Zombie in the solitary confinement cell.  Don’t react to the strange noise that you hear in your cell, and you will be altered by the increased risks.

Once you have passed the danger and ignored the threats of zombies, your character will appear to have been taken out of solitary confinement and will be back in the cafeteria with a decision about which food to eat.

Shotgun Shogun shares a guide on how to survive solitary confinement.

Beginners Guide


This prison survival simulator game allows you to decide your fate in different situations. At the start of the game, you will randomly be assigned a character, a crime you have committed, and the corresponding jail sentence. 

Each scenario presents your character with a choice that will affect the status of the prisoner and the attitude of the other prisoners toward your character. Your mission and objective is to make the right decisions to strengthen your position amongst fellow inmates.

Your prisoner has an inventory list of items that they have collected or bought. These items will help your prisoner survive tricky situations in the game. You will also need to start accumulating gold coins in the game. You can use these coins to purchase items from the “Store.”

The decision you need to make will start as soon as your prisoner enters the cell. The first decision will always be, “You enter the cell and see an inmate sitting on the bunk,” to which various answers exist. 

You can either answer “As-salamu alaykum” or “What’s up, dude?” these answers will get you acquainted with your new cellmate, and your first day will go by quietly. Various other questions require thinking out of the box to avoid losing star points.

A decision always pops up: “While roaming around the prison yard, a strange inmate walks up to you and offers you a cigarette.” The best option is to accept the cigarette from the fellow innate; it gives you a free smoke and builds a relationship status.

Other inmates will occasionally ask you for items, for example, “During a walk in the prison yard, a strange inmate walks up to you. From the look on his face, he definitely wants something from you. ‘Bro, you got any cigarettes?”. Your reply can vary between answers, just don’t try and sell him cigarettes in exchange for 200 coins.

When the opportunity presents itself for your prisoner to steal items from the kitchen without being seen, it’s best to take the chance, as you will be rewarded with agility points and have an item to craft a prison shank.

Your prison cells pose various dangers to your health, including being bitten by deadly infected rats. When a rat bites your prison, taking medicine is the only option to keep your prisoner alive; sleeping it off or calling a doctor will land your prisoner in the morgue.

Inevitably your character will be forced to work by the prisoner wardens. Refusing to work will get your prisoner beaten up by the wardens. However, in the process of refusing to work, it will increase the status of your prisoner by 20 points.

As incidents will occur in the prison cell, your prisoner will often be questioned about the information he may know about a particular incident. You can pay off the investigator with $100 and lose money, or the correct option is to deny everything. The investigator will be forced to let you go.

The cafeteria and lunch times will offer opportunities for your prisoner to gain respect from fellow inmates. If your prisoner looks at a nearby table and is shown an indecent gesture from other inmates, threaten them with your prison shank or spit in their food, this increases your prisoner's reputation.

Lastly, there are countless scenarios that your prisoner will face; always remember to think as if you were in a prison cell. If your prisoner dies from any bad decisions, learn from them and don’t make the same mistake twice. 

Tongue Tied Games shares a guide on how to survive in Hoosegow.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Buy and Steal Items 

You will have the opportunity to earn gold coins and start making money as a big shot. At the start of the game, you will be presented with different items you will need to purchase to survive the harsh reality of prison life. 

Once you have accumulated sufficient gold coins, you can purchase items from the “Store” and store them in your inventory. Sometimes items are too expensive for your budget; you can alternatively steal items such as spoons or forks from the kitchen to create prison shanks. 

Make Bets

Money is tough to come by when you are confined inside of a prison cell; however, there are ways for you to increase your gold coins. When the prisoners start making football bets, place 100 coins on Real Madrid to win. You must then click “increase the risk” to win more money from the bet. 

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