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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Frozen City
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Change fire to normal


Fire is a resource that is constantly needed by the survivors. Warmth is considered a necessity in Frozen City that has an impact on the productivity and survival of survivors. There are two settings for your fire, normal and big, a big fire is only needed when the weather is extremely cold.

Change the fire settings to normal when the cold weather is at bay, you will save wood and there is no need for a big fire.

Idle Games Tv shares some tips and tricks.

Skipping Cities


There is a common glitch in Frozen City which causes you to jump from one city to another before you have completed the mission. This glitch occurs when you load your game after an update, you will be placed in a new city. 

This glitch causes you to lose out on rewards from the previous levels, slows down the game, and is likely to skip several cities when you try to reload your game.There is a support option in the game, under the settings, where you can request help from the game.  

Beginners Guide on How to Survive in Frozen City


Frozen city is a survival simulation game where you are required to build settlements for survivors and gather resources to keep the population alive. At the start of the game, you will be introduced to the game with a conversation between survivors about the need to build a fire inorder to survive.

You will need to assign tasks to these survivors in order to gather resources and build settlements. Your first task that you assign the survivors will be to build two dorms and start a fire.

Once the fire has been ignited, you must assign different tasks to the survivors, while keeping an eye on the fire to keep it burning. Your survivors need the fire to keep warm at night.

Multitasking is critical to surviving in this game, as you will need to take care of the well-being of all your survivors and develop your city at the same time. Your survivors need different facilities throughout your city in order to revive their basic necessities bar.

After building two dorms for your survivors,  you will need to turn your attention to gathering resources. In this game you have to build a facility in order to gather resources, for example if you will need to build a sawmill to gather and process wood.

Wood is one of the most useful resources because it is needed as a building  material and fuel for your fire. Build a sawmill on the open plot next to some trees and assign two survivors to chop wood.

After completing your sawmill, you will need to construct a kitchen. The kitchen area is used for preparing meals and for dining, your survivors need to eat. Assign one survivor to cook food in the kitchen.

You'll start the game with enough food for one meal, but need to build a hunting cabin to start collecting food for your survivors. Food is gathered at the hunting cabin and then taken to the kitchen to be prepared. These two buildings are essential to keep your survivors healthy.

You will now have constructed the minimum basic necessities for surviving the first few minutes of the game. The next step is to focus on upgrading the basic necessities in your city. 

Go to your dorms and upgrade the beds inside the dorms.You will then need to upgrade your dorms to level 2. Dorms are important facilities for the survivors as it provides shelter in which survivors can rest.

As the game progresses, you will need to upgrade your sawmill to its maximum level, this increases productivity in your city. You will also need to build other buildings such as hospitals for your survivors when they get sick, and coal mines.

Upgrade your buildings to their maximum level and you can begin to explore the map for new resources and different towns. When you have maximised every building in your city, the resources will become unlimited.

Tasks need to be completed in the game and can be located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Tap on the “notepad ” icon and a list of tasks will appear, you can view tasks that have been completed and the status of other outstanding tasks.

You will be able to claim rewards once tasks have been completed. Diamonds are rewarded to you for completing tasks. Below the tasks icon you will see a “shopping basket” icon, tap on that icon to purchase items.

Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays walks you through the beginning of Frozen City.

Heroes Guide


In Frozen City you will be in control of survivors in the game, these survivors will help you build settlements and gather resources. However, every city needs some form of soldier to protect its workers from rogue animals or dangers in adventure mode.

In order to unlock heroes you will have to first reach Valley City. Opening chests from the store is the easiest way to unlock heroes. You will be given a free chest after every 8 hours in the game, you can also gain access to chests from watching ads.

You can expand on your collection of heroes by purchasing them from the shop or by completing selected quests. Once you have unlocked some heroes you’ll be able to view them by tapping on the “Map” icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

Once you reach the Plain City level, you will be able to assign heroes to different buildings within your city. Assigning heroes to different buildings will speed up development in your city. 

Every hero has their own unique skill set that they will use to improve your city and in combat. You’ll need to learn how to use each hero to the best of their ability. There are a variety of different hero types in Frozen City, each type will manage their own faculty within your city. 

Upgrading your heroes in the game is vital for winning combat stages and it increases the productivity of base building in the game. There are two ways to upgrade your heroes in Frozen City, levelling up and promotion.

The first way to upgrade a hero is by levelling them up, you can do this by spending Wishing Stars in the hero menu. Levelling up your heroes will cost more Wishing Stars the higher your upgrade. 

You can upgrade your heroes by promoting them under the hero menu, with hero fragments and Blazing Stars. Promoting your hero will give them a star, increase their level cap, and give them a permanent statistic boost. 

Free2play takes you through a guide on how to unlock heroes.

Complete your task list


Frozen City is a survival game, where most of your game time will be spent building facilities and completing your missions tasks rather than fighting in combat. The task list is one of the most important aspects in Frozen City, as it is your guide to completing the mission.

Completing tasks will allow you to move on to the next stage, and you will be rewarded with every mission that is successfully completed under the stage. Some tasks will reward you with chests that unlock heroes and resources needed to process in the next stage.

Lokim 23 shares some tips for gameplay in Frozen City.

Keep your survivors happy


In Frozen City your survivors are the key to building your city. Survivors have basic necessities that need to be maintained for their survival. Keep your survivors happy by providing warmth, food, health care, and allowing them to rest in shelters to revive themselves.

Survivors will often make comments that will pop up on your screen to indicate their unhappiness. Don’t ignore the survivors' requests, else they will go on strike and leave your city. 

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