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Yakuza: Like a Dragon
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  • Рейтинги: PEGI 18,

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Casino blackjack cheat


You must go to Chinatown on the map and enter the casino. You must make sure the difficulty level is on hard and buy coins. You will be allowed a maximum of 3 cards and will have to beat the dealer.

If your cards are between 9 and 10, you have automatically won. If your cards have a 1 in them. It is an automatic loss. You must buy coins and save your game before you bet. If you lose, then you can load your saved game and try again. 

Zack Siva shows you a way to cheat at blackjack

The Shangri-la Soapland

Пасхальные яйца

This building is where Ichiban Kasuga grew up and was raised by their adoptive father, the owner of the soapland. This building features the beginning of the Yakuza series and plays an important part in the narrative of the game.

In part 30 of the Majima in the Soapland, you will be introduced to the Easter Egg. 

BladedStrider explores the Shangri-la Soapland

Chicken easter egg

Пасхальные яйца

You must go to Chinatown and enter one of the large buildings and find Omelet the chicken. You must talk to Omelet the chicken, and she will quark and repeat quarking. The more you continue to talk to the chicken, she will reply differently each time, like she is trying to say something.

After the 6th or 7th time, Omelet will lay an egg, and you can repeat this multiple times.

Kibbles shows you where to find an Easter Egg

Fighting glitch


There is a glitch that occurs during a fight between 4 players. Saeko must use a spell on 3 opponents who are across from you. Once the opponents have been put under the spell. You must use the skill of the “Essene of an Orbital laser.”

After you have used this skill, your opponents will die, and a glitch will occur. All the opponents that are standing in front of you will die except for one character.

The glitch causes one character to be seen twitching on the ground in front of your character. You will not be able to kill the opponent, and they will remain on the floor.

Alif Alif shows us a glitch that occurs in Yakuza like a dragon.

True tower glitch


When you are on the true tower level. Kasuga will have a video interaction with Amon. They will have an altercation, and Kasuga will defeat Amon. This will cause a glitch to appear, and a screen will load with Amon in the air. 

Ds Mfing9 shows you a glitch he encountered during the Yakuza Like A Dragon.

How to improve your statistic


In the game, there are 14 briefcases that are located around the city. These briefcases are marked on the map as a yellow suitcase. There are 6 statistical performance areas that a player can increase.

You can locate the briefcases by taking a taxi to the area and walk around the area, looking under benches and in certain locations.

You must first take a taxi to W. Sotenbori Street, and then you must go to Kushikatsu Daruma. Once you are there, you must enter a passageway and find a briefcase that will contain a magazine.

This magazine will raise your statistics. You must then head towards the canal, where the second briefcase will be located under a seating bench. In this briefcase, you will find a guard booster.

You must then turn around and head to the bridge, where you must take a left and find a building that has a stairway entrance, you must go up the stairs, and you will enter a small apartment where you will find a briefcase that contains food.

Each briefcase will contain a different booster, and they will either be a personality booster. 

Fourleafgg takes you through a guide on how to max out your statistics

How to unlock the secret can shop


In chapter 3 of the game. You must do the minigame at the can shop in hard mode. You will ride around the city on a bicycle with a trailer and will have to collect over 300 cans in under 30 seconds.

Once you have collected all the cans and made it back to the required checkpoint, you will be awarded king of the cans.

Once you have mastered the king of the cans, you must speak to Kan- san who will have a  secret inventory. You will then be allowed to buy an elegant pouch and secret growth items to improve the speed of your leveling.

Jakazin takes you through a guide in Yakuza like a dragon.

Xp boosts


Xp boosts can be gained from eating and drinking certain items. You will gain Xp boosts at certain restaurants. You must order the correct set menu that the restaurant offers. You must also purchase Kiwami juice from a vending machine that can be found in the Seagull Cinema, this juice will give you an Xp boost.

Farm Xp in the dungeons


You will need to improve your chances of leveling up faster in the game, and this can be done by visiting certain places.

The dungeons are one of the best places for you to farm Xp. These dungeons are located in the underground sewers in the Yokohama underground dungeon in Chapter 7.

In the dungeons, you will encounter an Enemy such as the Invested Vagabond. This enemy is very hard to beat and will only take 1 Hit point damage per blow. Once you have defeated the Vagabond, you will level up 2 levels. 

Lemmy shows you how to farm Xp in the underground dungeons.

Save money by resting


An important tip to save money in the game is to utilize the rest option. You will regain your Xp by going back to the place you started the level on and by resting. Resting will save you money as you will not need to buy food to regain your Xp.

URBAN GAMEPLAY shares with us some tips and tricks he learnt in Yakuza like a dragon.

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