Minecraft Коды на Wii U (WiiU)

Последнее обновление: 19 марта 2023 г.
  • Впервые выпущен: Oct 6, 2011
  • Жанры: Adventure, Indie, Simulator, Strategy, Arcade
  • Платформы: Mac,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,iPhone,iPad,Android,Windows Phone,Wii U,Browser,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux,Amazon Fire TV,Nintendo Switch
  • Разработчик: Mojang AB,4J Studios
  • издатель: Mojang AB,Microsoft Studios,Sony Computer Entertainment America,Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 7, ESRB E10+

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super house


get a bed, 3 iron ingots and 1 lava bucket... put them in a cauldron and ta da a super house!

I  tried  it  and  it  doesn’t  seem  like  it  works.  What  am  I  doing  wrong?
Chris, 3 года назад - Ответить на
thats  because  it  dosent  exist
poop, 3 года назад - Ответить на

Respawn the enderdragon


If you place four end crystals on each side on the enderdragon nest with the egg on the middle pole, it will respawn the other end crystals on the obsidian towers and then respawn the dragon.

Two people on a pig!


This will only work in survival mode DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON CREATIVE ON THE SAME WORLD.

  1. Two players must get 30 diamonds from a cave EACH 
  2. Get 4 pigs 
  3. Put a saddle on all 4 pigs 
  4. Get a lava bucket
  5. Pour lava on ONE pig 
  6. Both must put diamonds in lava at the same time 
  7. Players will each choose their own pig
  8. Both players jump into lava at the same time 
  9. Both players will die, respawn and find the last pig
  10. Both players will press LT on the pig AT THE SAME TIME enjoy! 

(this will only work for some people) It may not work at all.

Oh  my  god  im  laughing  so  har  stank  you  it  works  o  my  god  XD
Stinky Binky, 1 год назад - Ответить на

Slow-mo Fireball


If you take a dispenser and shoot a fire charge through water, it will slow down the fire charge just enough for you to see it fly through the air.

Zombie to Villager


Get a zombie villager and put it in a cage to were you can hit it but it can't get out. Then get a 'Splash Potion of Weakness' and a golden apple. Throw the potion on the zombie and then use the golden apple on it. It will take about 2 minutes but the zombie will turn back into a villager.

CRAFTING a house in Minecraft


To craft a house in Minecraft(OP!!!) just follow the crafting recipe.

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Hmmm  one  to  try
Liar catcher, 2 месяца назад - Ответить на

Fast Creative Duplication (For Consoles And PCs)


(Creative)  Go to controls make a button for pick block and put the item in an item frame or block on another block a drop and then pick block it.

На сайте: Liam комментарий

Lots of TNT!!


Wanna know how to get lots of TNT? Simply fill a dropper with 64 TNT in each slot, then put a lever on top and pull it. WOW!!! Then you get 576 TNT! AWESOME!!! It's useful for blowing up stuff. :D

На сайте: Stinky Binky комментарий
You  had  576  tnt  already  so  hay  does  that  work?😒
Liar catcher, 2 месяца назад - Ответить на

Unlimited diamonds


Unlimited diamonds is great! Do get them, simply just go into Creative Mode, open the inventory, then get as many diamonds as you need before switching back to Survival.

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Cool alternative way to craft TNT!

Пасхальные яйца

Is normal TNT not good enough for you? No problem! By crafting it like THIS, you can get 20 times the explosion force as default TNT. Also autokills players with full netherite armour!! 

The crafting recipe.

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