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Features of Fifa 22 Standard edition and Fifa 22 Legacy Edition Руководства

The standard edition is a base version that can be played on both generations of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC and includes:

  1. TOTW 1 Player - there will be one of the in-form players will be represented by a FUT card.
  2. FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick - for a limited amount of the FUT games you will be able to use a star.
  3. Career Mode Homegrown Talent - you will get a talented player in your career mode squad.
  4. Kylian Mbappe loan item - for a limited amount of FUT games you will get the use of the PSG star.    

Fifa 22 does not support a cross-platform play, but if PS5 gamers have a copy of the PS4 version of Fifa 22, then gamers from both generations can match online for games. The same would apply to gamers with an Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. 

The legacy edition can only be played on the Nintendo Switch and is a heavily reduced version of what you can play on other platforms and will feature:

  1. The same gameplay innovation as Fifa 21 without any new development or significant enhancements.  
  2. An updated visual identity with a newly designed in-game front end and menu screens.
  3. Broadcast overlay packages will be refreshed across all modes.
  4. Game Modes: kick-off, career mode, licensed and custom tournaments, Women's International Cup, skill games, online seasons, online friendlies, local seasons, Fifa Ultimate Team, Manager tasks, single-player & online seasons, single-player & online tournaments, single-player & online drafts, online single match, and squad building challenges.   


Recycle the Ball Подсказки

This tip can be very useful, just retaining possession of the ball will mean preventing your opponent from making an attack. Recycling the ball also forces the opponent to continue reacting to a changing situation making it difficult for them to claim the ball before launching their attack. 


Don't Over-Commit Подсказки

You will want to minimize the risk, for example, it is a good idea for the players to defend using midfielders even if the opponent breaks through the initial line of defense, they can still use the center backs to put up another one. Try to avoid using tackles unless you have no choice in the matter but standing tackles and sliding tackles are high-risk high-reward moves. 


Learn Some Tricks Подсказки

There are multiple tricks in the game that players can learn that will help in an attack for example fake shots are available in the game. 


How to Concede Fewer Goals Подсказки

Defending is the foundation on which goals are built but if you don't score any goals then the worst outcome you can get is a draw. 

Start by defending with midfielders if you are using a formation with CDMs and use them to challenge attackers, block passing lanes, and track runners. This will help prevent you from losing shape with your center backs, the AI to retain a robust defensive line even if the CDM is beaten, and your center backs will be able to assist.


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