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Mysterious Letters Коды

While not actually cheat codes, two codes can be found hidden within the game. You might notice letters randomly placed throughout the game. These letters, when unscrambled, spell out two codes to use at Gust’s Japanese shop.

  • FTMM – download three wallpapers as well as seven unique voiced lines
  • DISK – order limited edition Atelier Ryza 2 coins along with another order from the shop

These were only available through the Japanese shop and had limited supplies.


Barrel! Пасхальные яйца

The series running gag of the protagonist exclaiming over barrels returns here as well.


Hagel Bust Пасхальные яйца

In the window of Dennis’s workshop, you can see a small statue of Hagel, a recurring character from the series.


Fast Travel Разблокируемый

After you explore the first ruins, make and deliver bombs for Mr. Abelheim, and talk to Zephine at the Weisheit Academy District, you will automatically unlock fast travel. Fast travel allows you to open your map at any time to select a location you’ve already visited to instantly travel there.


Skill Tree Upgrades Разблокируемый

As you complete quests, alchemize items, and complete other objectives, you’ll earn Skill Points (SP). SP can be spent at your skill tree to unlock useful bonuses and upgrades as well as certain recipes to let you alchemize new items and tools. Use the video guide below for some tips on how to prioritize unlocking things through the skill tree.


Fairy Statue Puzzle Подсказки

There are three fairy statues in the game that must be rotated to face specific directions in order to solve a puzzle that will give you access to a special Photo Frame decoration through use of a teleporter.

  • Meeresbrise Highway Statue – point east
  • Star Guardian Lake Statue (Emerald Band is required) – point north
  • Abandoned Earnesta Mines Statue (Emerald Band is required) – point north

Once all three are pointed in the correct directions, the teleporter in the Forest of Beginning will activate and give you access to the secret room.


Basic Tips Подсказки

Gather as many materials as you can while out exploring. You’ll want to have a lot of materials in order to craft new items.

However, you have limited inventory space while out in the field, so make sure to revisit your atelier frequently to deposit your gathered items.

Your Spirit Beast can dig to locate additional and often rare materials. Be sure to explore locations with your Spirit Beast.

Since fast travel lets you warp straight back to your location, it’s easy to farm materials by repeatedly teleporting to the same place, gathering everything, and then teleporting there again.

The auto-alchemy option lets you quickly craft something without adding the materials yourself, although it uses extra materials to so and produces a lower-level item.

Crafted gear will be much better than your basic gear if you use quality ingredients. Take the time to synthesize equipment for your party.

You also should visit Dennis’s shop in order to upgrade and improve your gear.

Gear must be equipped within the city, not out in the field, so make sure you’re prepared before you venture out.

Pay attention to your allies in combat. If a party member suggests something for you to do, fulfill the request to trigger a follow-up move from that character.

The café bulletin board has a list of side quests you can accept. You can also get side quests by talking to NPCs.

Many of the bulletin board quests are simple quests that you can complete for easy exp and money, especially if you repeat the process the next day.


Research Note Locations (Fragments/Crystals/Vestiges) Подсказки

There are numerous research notes to find in the form of Ruin Fragments, Ruin Crystals, and the Memory Vestiges that help you put them together. Using the Compass of Recollection will help you locate these, with Ruin Fragments being indicated with blue, Ruin Crystals indicated with red, and Memory Vestiges indicated with yellow.

If you’re having trouble finding all of them, use the video guide below for help.


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