Tower of Fantasy Подсказки на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вот наши Подсказки для Tower of Fantasy на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Beginner’s Guide


Character Creation

  • Customize your anime character, but some choices are permanent (clothes and hair can change later).
  • Strategize your appearance and abilities.

Early Game

  • Finish tutorials quickly to unlock gacha for better weapons.
  • Take your time with the main story or leveling - the game limits progress initially.
  • Focus on daily tasks for XP and rewards.

Weapons & Combat

  • Ditch weak starter weapons and prioritize SSR/SR ranks for strength and special characters.
  • You can reroll for your desired weapon (restarting with a new account), but it's time-consuming.
  • Equip weapons with different elements for diverse combat options and enemy weaknesses.
  • Balance "charge" and "shatter" stats on your weapons for efficient combat.

Daily Activities

  • Complete daily tasks for essential rewards and XP.
  • Consider Joint Operations and Dimensional Trials for materials if you have energy.
  • Daily and weekly tasks fill a progress bar for bonus rewards.


  • Explore the vast world for puzzles, resources, and rewards.
  • Unlocking areas and completing exploration goals grants permanent buffs and special items.

Resource Gathering

  • Collect everything! You'll need various resources later for crafting, quests, and weapon upgrades.

Social Play

  • Join a Crew (guild) for additional missions, rewards, and Crew-specific currency.

Volkin shares a full beginner’s guide

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