Sea of Stars Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Sea of Stars
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: Aug 27, 2023
  • Жанры: Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based strategy (TBS), Adventure, Indie
  • Тема: Fantasy, Open world
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Beginners Guide


Explore the Map

The game pays homage to old-school games with its world design and turn-based combat. While exploring the map, you may stumble upon chests hiding powerful accessories, armor, coins, weapons, or other valuable items. 

Exploring the map is not just useful for in-game rewards. Thanks to a design that encourages exploration and curiosity, each area is massively satisfying to explore. There’s nothing better than reaching a previously difficult-to-get-to area after solving a complicated puzzle.

Use the Abacus

The Abacus is an early game accessory that reveals the HP of non-boss enemies, allowing players to optimize their attack strategies better. You can later upgrade it to the Eye of Yomada, which reveals the resistances and weaknesses of non-boss enemies.

You’ll find the Avacus in a cave next to the first save point after Garl rejoins the party. All you need to do is defeat the enemies inside, climb up the wall, and follow the path to find a chest. However, if you miss the chest, you can always buy it from the merchant at the Stonemason’s Outpost.

Plan the Order of Attack

When fighting an enemy, you’ll see several symbols above their heads. If you match these with attacks, they’ll break, and you can weaken your enemy or prevent them from attacking entirely. They also have timers above their heads to indicate how many moves you can make before the enemy can take their turn.

Given that the game is untimed and turn-based, you can take as long as you need to plan your attack. Consider how long it will be before an enemy can attack you and take them out to prevent yourself from taking more damage than you can handle.

Take Out Weaker Enemies First

While you might want to take out strong enemies as fast as possible to avoid a massive amount of damage, it’s not the smartest strategy, as it can lead you to become overwhelmed by weaker enemies quickly. These smaller enemies are designed to prolong the fight and can multiply or even heal larger enemies. Kill them as quickly as possible to eliminate the biggest enemy’s backup; then, you can focus on the boss.

Use Skills as Often as Possible

Each character has a set of skills that you need mana to use. These skills are very powerful and have bonus abilities, so they’re the key to dealing large amounts of damage and ensuring your party’s victory.

Thankfully, you can regain mana through restorative meals and performing regular attacks, meaning there’ll be no shortage if you’re smart about your attacks.

Eat Meals

Eating meals in this game restores HP and MP for individual characters or the whole party. Finding ingredients for meals isn’t difficult (you can find bucketloads of fish at fishing lakes}, and campfires are relatively close, meaning you don’t have to go far between encounters to keep your party at full health. 

You can only carry ten meals at a time, but it’s easy to get through a meal without eating half of them, unlike other RPGs where you have to save as many health potions if you want a shot at surviving an encounter.

Use Live Mana Boosts Well

After attacking an enemy or initiating combat by sneaking up on one, they may release glowing orbs that scatter around the combat arena. These are live mana, which can be absorbed to boost a move, offensive or defensive. They can also be stacked, and combining easy-to-charge moves with live mana boosts can prove devastating for your enemies.

You can also use these boosts to restore your HP or break complex locks by boosting a regular attack with a character’s magical ability. 

These boosts can mean the difference between life and death, so use them well.

Learn Enemy Attacks

There are various enemies scattered throughout the many dungeons you’ll encounter along your journey. Fortunately, many repeat, so you can learn their attacks and use that knowledge as you move forward.

This will help you better plan your attacks by learning which opponent’s locks you need to break first and the timing of different enemy’s attacks. Pressing the action button right as an enemy lands will block their attack, reducing the incoming damage and building the combo energy.

Build Combo Energy

Characters have special combos they can perform with other characters, but to do this, their combo partner needs to be conscious, and you need to have enough combo diamonds filled up (you can only fill up to three combo diamonds). Combos can only be performed by specific characters, so learning the pairings for different combos is essential.

You can build combo energy by blocking, landing attacks, and lock-breaking, which builds up the combo energy faster than anything else.

Talk to Your Companions at Camp Sites for Fun Bits of Lore

Campfires are scattered throughout the game, where you can set up a campsite and cook meals or rest to recover the party’s HP and MP. You can also talk to your travel companions. It’s not a particularly important mechanic, but it’s great for the game’s story and lore.

Mash the "Confirm" Button

It isn’t always clear where you need to go because the map has context-sensitive actions based on where you are. Because of this, you may find yourself stuck or unable to continue through a section. You won’t have any random encounters while you try to discover your way out, but getting stuck can still be frustrating. 

Fortunately, you can just run to different parts of the map and try to interact with everything you stumble across. You might find objects you didn’t know you could interact with. If running to specific objects is too tricky, you can always run around mashing the confirm button until you find what you need.

Review Your Relics

As you progress through the game, you’ll come across various Relics, which adjust how the game works, helping you learn new mechanics and make the game easier. Whenever you get a new relic, you should investigate what each one does so that you’re always playing the best possible game you can.

Learn Characters' Abilities and Stat Boosts to Get to Know Them Better

When you level up, all your characters will get a stat increase, and you will receive a large boost and get to pick another state. However, you’ll have to choose from four preset options. These presets will give you an idea of how a character works and what you’ll need to focus on.

For example, you’ll want to increase a character’s physical attack power and maximize their damage if they’re more physical damage and defense-focused, but if they can do magical damage and have access to mana boost, you can focus more on magic and healing. 

As you unlock more characters, you’ll gain access to more stat boosts. Use the information you learn from using your characters to guide your choices and what equipment you use for each and make the most of their strengths and weaknesses.

How to Defeat The Dweller of Dread


As you’ve played through the game, you will have seen snippets of this beast, and now you finally get to fight it directly. The fight takes place over the course of a few stages, with the last being the most challenging.

During Phase 1, you’ll find yourself on a platform facing two tentacles, each with around 1000HP. Physical attacks won’t do much damage, so you’ll want to use Valere’s Moonerang to hit both tentacles or a charged Sunball while mixing in physical attacks to replenish your MP. Once you’ve defeated the first tentacle, build up your MP, then use Zale or Valere to take the other tentacle out with a fully charged physical attack.

Phase 2 of the fight is the same as Phase 1, so you can use the same strategy. The only difference will be that the tentacles attack faster this round. Don’t use Combo Attacks or Ultimate Attacks for either phase.

During the final phase, the platform will drop to reveal the Dweller of Dread and its two curled tentacles. The Dread has a couple of attacks in its arsenal, including the Dread Stare, which will cause Valere to fight Zale. The tentacles are back for another around, and this time, they’ll have Chomp (characters will be swallowed by the Dread only to be spat out again, having been dealt a major chunk of damage) on top of their Slam attack and hitting with spikes. The Dread might also lean forward to consume everyone.

First, you’ll want to use heavy-hitting and charged physical attacks to defeat the tentacles (X-Strike Combo and Valere’s Moonerang are good choices) while using B’st as a tank to soak up damage.

Avoid Chomp as best you can and hit Dread with charged attacks and an Ultimate attack to deal as much damage as possible. Once you’ve defeated the Dread, the moon will rise, and you’ll have unlocked flying around the map, granting you access to previously inaccessible areas.

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