NBA 2K24 Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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NBA 2K24
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: Sep 7, 2023
  • Жанры: Simulator, Sport
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Cheats Available Through Trainers


This game is fun to play, but it doesn’t stop there. You can add to your experience by using cheats from either Plitch or Wemod. Both trainers have a great selection of cheats to choose from. Here they are:


Free Cheats

  • Set quarter time to 30 seconds
  • Set quarter time to five minutes

Premium Cheats

  • Unlimited stamina
  • No fatigue
  • Set quarter time
  • Set shot clock
  • Set the shot clock to 25 seconds
  • Set the shot clock to 0
  • Add skill points
  • Set Quarter Number to 1
  • Set Quarter Number to 4


  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited MyGM Profits
  • Freeze timer
  • Set shot time to 0
  • Super Players Stats
  • Reset Players Stats
  • Game speed
WeMod shares the cheats they have available for NBA 2K24
So  those  "trainer"  cheats  only  work  for  PC  and  not  on  Xbox  series  X?
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Secret Builds Hidden Through the Game

Пасхальные яйца

In the game, you can unlock secret builds that change your player's body type to match real-life professionals. These include:

  • “Flash” – Dwyane Wade
  • “Zanos” – Zion Williamson
  • “Chef” – Stephen Curry
  • “The Worm” – Dennis Rodman
  • “Mr. Big Shot” – Chauncey Billups
  • “Deebo” – DeMar DeRozan
  • “Lil Penny” – Penny Hardaway
  • “Grandmama” – Larry Johnson
  • “Point God” – Chris Paul
  • “Mamba” – Kobe Bryant
  • “Rip” – Richard Hamilton
  • “Magic” – Magic Johnson
  • “Swipa” – De’Aaron Fox
  • “His Airness” – Michael Jordan
  • “Baby Boogie” – DeMarcus Cousins
  • “The Glove” – Gary Payton
  • “The Joker” – Nikola Jokić
  • “The Dream” – Hakeem Olajuwon
  • “The Truth” – Paul Pierce
  • “The Matador” – Luka Dončić
  • “Reign Man” – Shawn Kemp
  • “The Klaw” – Kawhi Leonard
  • “Agent Zero” – Gilbert Arenas
Venice S2K shares five rare builds in NBA 2K24

How to Unlock Floor Setters


To unlock Floor Setters, you have two options: silver and gold. The silver Floor Setter prevents your badges from regressing below the silver level and becomes available when you reach level 20 in the Season 1 Battle Pass. On the other hand, the gold Floor Setter does the same for gold badges and is attainable at level 40 in the Battle Pass.

As for getting Floor Setters, the Battle Pass is currently the sole method to acquire them, and it's still being determined if they'll be offered in future seasons. The game intends to provide players with one gold and one silver Floor Setter each season.

Dribbling Glitch


Mastering dribbling and being a Playmaker is crucial for success on the court. However, players have been frustrated by a glitch that disrupts the game's flow. This glitch suddenly takes offensive players out of their dribble animation, making it too easy for defenders to steal the ball. Fortunately, Gameplay Director, Mike Wang, acknowledged the issue on Twitter and assured players that a fix is in the works for the upcoming patch. Currently, there's no specific release date for the 1.4 patch.

Festy shares how to use the Dribble Glitch

How to Improve Your Gamplay


Shooting Skills

One of the most critical aspects is your ability to shoot efficiently. To enhance your shooting game, it's essential to understand the concept of "hot" and "lethal" shooting zones. You can start working on improving these zones by visiting the Art of Shooting gym. In essence, you're aiming to eliminate "cold" zones, which are areas on the court where your shooting performance is subpar. Instead, focus your efforts on the "hot" and "lethal" spots, as they significantly boost your shooting accuracy.

A vital component of successful shooting is your shot release. Pay close attention to your player's animation when releasing the ball. Understanding your player's specific shooting animation can significantly improve your shooting consistency. Consider turning off your shooting meter for a substantial boost in your "green window," making it easier for you to hit those perfect shots consistently.

Dribbling and Speed-Boosting

Mastering the art of dribbling and speed boosting can set you apart as a dominant player on the court. Speed boosting out of any move is a game-changer. By learning this skill, you can significantly increase your player's agility and speed, allowing you to outmaneuver your opponents easily. To practice this technique, you'll want to use specific dribble styles and take time to get the hang of it. 

Effective Defense

Playing strong defense is an essential skill in this game. When guarding an opponent who's driving to the basket, resist the urge to jump. Instead, keep your right stick up to contest their shot. This tactic is highly effective in disrupting your opponent's scoring attempts, and it prevents easy layups. Save your jumps for those critical moments when you're making a chase-down block, ensuring you don't waste valuable opportunities.

Optimizing Controller Settings

To fine-tune your gameplay experience, it's important to adjust your controller settings. Begin by disabling controller vibration, which can distract you and hinder your focus. Regarding your shooting meter, consider starting with it if you're new to the game. However, turning it off as you progress and gain experience can significantly increase your chances of hitting more green shots. Additionally, ensure your pro stick orientation and defensive settings are configured to "absolute," which gives you more precise control.

Practice and Skill Improvement

Practice is the key to becoming a formidable player. The Gatorade facility is an ideal practice ground to hone your dribbling and shooting skills. Regular practice will help you perfect your jump shot and dribble moves, making you a more versatile player.

Completing drills provides you with extra turbo and contributes to badge progress. This year, the game even rewards you for your dedication to improving your skills. By investing your time in these drills, you can unlock powerful advantages during games. Gatorade boosts are another handy tool to keep in your arsenal, providing you with a competitive edge during matches.

Learning and Education

Learning from the best is a golden opportunity. Top players often share their gameplay and strategies on platforms like Twitch, and observing their tactics can be enlightening. It allows you to pick up advanced moves and tactics that can elevate your gameplay. Additionally, YouTube is a treasure trove of educational content. You can find in-depth tutorials from experienced players covering various aspects of the game, from shooting techniques to defensive strategies.

Communication and Teamplay

In a team-based game, communication is the linchpin for success. Effective communication is crucial to coordinate with your teammates. Discuss rotations, defensive strategies, and offensive plays. This ensures that you're all on the same page and can work together harmoniously towards victory.

Choosing the Right Build

Creating the perfect player build is a meticulous process. It's crucial to pay attention to the details, such as animations and badge allocation. Your build should align with your intended playstyle, so take your time to make the right choices. For example, ensuring that you have the correct animations for your build is essential. When configuring your player, double-check badge allocation to prevent any shortages that might affect your gameplay.

Young Dirk shares a few ways to improve your NBA 2K42 skills

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