My Hero Ultra Rumble Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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My Hero Ultra Rumble
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: Sep 27, 2023
  • Жанры: Fighting
  • Тема: Action, Survival, Non-fiction
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Beginners Guide


Pick a Character to ‘Main’

This game features plenty of characters from the My Hero Academia universe on its roster. It grows with every season, and you may want to play with every new character, but that’s a relatively inefficient strategy. Much like you would with other fighting games, focus on a single character and learn how to use their quirk to the best of your ability so you can easily take out your opponents.

Learn Each Archetype

Each fighter has an archetype (rapid, assault, support, technical, or strike), and each archetype focuses on a specific mechanic that will boost your team's stats and often dictates whether a character's Special Action will be offensive or defensive:

  • Assault archetypes give your team a Defense boost.
  • Strike archetypes give your team an Attack boost.
  • Rapid archetypes give your team a Speed boost
  • Support archetypes boost the effect of Recovery Items
  • Technical archetypes boost the reload speed of attacks. 

If your team is built with heroes of the same archetypes, the effects of their stat boosts will amplify.

Level Up your Quirks

During matches, players can find skill cards on the ground, separated by colors (for the archetype) and symbols (for one of the three quirks). To level up and do more for your team, you’ll need to pick up the corresponding skill cards to level up your quirks.

Experiment with Quirk Skills

When you break an opponent's guard, you can keep them flinching with a combination of Quirk Skills and melee attacks until they’re knocked down. A strong combo and keep the immobile until you’re finished attacking them. 

You can use training mode to learn which skills combo for your character and explore the other applications of your skills. If you can’t learn combos, learn how to use your skills to rescue your allies and make a quick escape. 

Help Civilians

One of the game's main mechanics is helping civilians, but it might feel optional as you progress and play through matches. While this is true, helping civilians will grant you new quests and rewards that will help you win matches. Some of these rewards include Revive Cards, which allow you to bring back a fallen teammate and make all the difference between a loss and a win.

Move around and Dodge to Give Yourself the Best Chance at Victory

Not knowing how to avoid attacks or efficiently get around the map can quickly end your game. Using specific characters can ensure your movement is polished. Rapid characters like Tenya Iida or Tsuyu are great for getting around the map. Players will need to use other characters’ quirks to move around.

Dodging is an important skill to develop as it’ll help you maneuver around enemy attacks and easily get out of 1v3 situations. The game’s dodging system hinges on the Guard Points Bar. When you are hit, the Guard Points Bar absorbs some of that damage. Once it’s depleted, you can replenish it with potions. However, if you want to avoid using up your Guard Point Bar, you can always perform a dodge roll to evade enemy attacks. Double-tap the jump button to dodge roll while moving your character away from an attack.

Plus Ultra can also help your defense. Once the meter is at 100%, it’ll restore your shield, thus enhancing your defensive capabilities.

Pick Good Starting Points

Many battle royale games start players in an aircraft they must jump from to get to the map. This game takes a different approach. Instead, players can hand-pick their starting points on the map. This allows you to easily strategize about the location you pick and focus on getting as much loot as you can, as quickly as possible, while avoiding confrontation.

The best selling points on the maps are areas with high elevation options close to large loot boxes and plenty of hiding spots for sneaky characters.

Work with Your Team to Win

Because you’re placed in a team of three, you’ll need to learn how to fight alongside each other. Support your team by using characters that work well together, reviving fallen teammates, and taking on an offensive or defensive position as necessary. This is easier if you’re playing with people you’re used to, but when randomly grouped together, use the ping wheel and ensure that your teammates are helping you out.

There’s a minimal chance of surviving on your own, so stick close to your team and work together to bring your enemies down. Take out Support and Rapid types first, as they have special actions that allow them to rescue downed allies, and taking them out ensures your opponent has no chance of escaping.

Look for and Gather the Best Items

At the beginning of a match, you’ll have 125 GP, and all your quirk skills will be at level one. You must stock up on restorative items and upgrade your Quirk Skills to stand a chance.

You’ll find various items across the map, ranging from potions (HP, health, and mixed) to cards (skill and revive). Each has unique uses. You are only limited by how much backpack space you have, so make sure you pick up item bags, as they’ll increase the size of your inventory (small = 3, medium = 6, large = 9)

Ensure you have two skill cards that don’t match your archetype, won’t take up space, and will automatically be equipped onto your character. Otherwise, the best skill cards usually fit the archetype of the character you’re playing. You’ll also want to ensure you have as many mixed potions as possible. They take priority over health or GP potions.

In the early game, you’ll want to take out any teams that haven’t been looting. In the late game, ensure you’ve maxed out your Quirk Skills and Recovery Drink to be on the same playing field as your enemies. Any leftovers you have can go to teammates who are low on HP or GP. 

Don’t Rush into a Fight

While it may be tempting to ambush your opponents, you may receive a nasty surprise in the form of a swift defeat if you’re not careful. Before engaging, ensure your HP and GP are full, none of your skills are on cooldown, and your team is attacking with you.

After the fight, check on what items you still have. It’s very easy for a team to take advantage of your weakness and swoop in for the kill, so heal as soon as you finish a fight and run away if you’re not fully prepared to give yourself a shot at survival.

Kill Downed Opponents

An opponent that has been knocked down can be revived and will recover after 20 seconds. While you could perform a Finish Attack to kill them instantly, the attack animation will leave you exposed. Instead, take out downed enemies with melee attacks or Quirk Skills. Finishing Attacks are best used when your teammates are close by and the coast is clear.

However, if you perform a Finish Attack and enemies start to appear, you can jump to cancel the attack animation.

Hold Out on Activating Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra is a handy tool that can turn the tide by maxing out your Quirk Skills and refilling your HP and GP, but you should only use it when you’re on your absolute last leg or have low HP. The Plus Ultra meter will constantly refill, and it builds up faster when you’re being attacked.

Remember, while Plus Ultra will make you powerful, taking on a whole team alone is still difficult, so it’s best used when your team is organized and ready to strike.

The Best Characters


Katsuki Bakugo

Much like his character in the show, Bakugo is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters with his incredibly explosive Quirk. His movement options are unmatched, allowing players to dash around the arena and end an opponent's match before they realize what’s happened.

A Bakugo main could make the character proud by wiping out an entire team on their own while still making it to the circle.

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto is simultaneously the coolest and most fiery character of the entire roster and boasts great offensive and defensive options. He’s prepared for every problem an enemy team can throw at him with his ability to dodge attacks or simply scorch enemies in the face.


The smartest thing to do if you see a Cementoss running at you is run. His ability to create walls is incredibly difficult to deal with, and a Cementoss main is capable of a near-instant kill with the right team.

Ochaco Uraraka

Uraraka is challenging, but your opponents don’t stand a chance once you understand how she works. Uraraka mains are more than capable of taking out an entire team with her gravity-based attacks. 

Her movement options and Nebulous Space ability are fantastic, especially if you have a Bakugo on your team helping to blast people into nothing.

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