Minecraft: Legends Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Minecraft: Legends
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  • Впервые выпущен: Apr 17, 2023
  • Жанры: Strategy, Arcade
  • Тема: Action, Fantasy, Sandbox
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Easiest Ways to Ensure a Great Gameplay Experience


Build Wellhouses

You can build a wellhouse in almost any location on the map, including close to Piglin bases. Wellhouses act as fast travel points between different locations on the map, allowing you to respawn.

It’s worth building a wellhouse between two villages. If your village gets overrun by Piglins, you can escape or respawn nearby. Skeletons, Creepers, and Mob villages don’t have a fast travel point near their villages, so you must build a wellhouse close to their village to fast travel to their location. 

Assign Roles

You must assign a role to each member of your team. They can either be hunters or gather. Hunters must be responsible for exploring the world map and ensuring all enemies can’t invade your bases.

Gathers need to focus on gathering resources and supplies and fortifying your defenses. Gathers are your base's last line of defense, and must build structures that will withstand an attack from enemy mobs.

Have Spawners Outside

While it’s recommended to have spawners inside your base, you need to position some cheap spawners on the outside of your base. Enemy troops will first target spawners before they attempt to destroy your walls, so putting a few outside your base can buy you some defensive time.

Jade PG shares some tips and hints for Minecraft: Legends

Codename Easter Egg - "Badger

Пасхальные яйца

Badger was the codename for Minecraft: Legends when the creators were still developing it. The codename was hinted at during a 2018 Minecraft live interview, where Jens Bergensten, designer, wore a t-shirt with the imprint of a badger.

Overworld shares some easter eggs in Minecraft: Legends.

Fast Travel Glitch


Fast traveling is an instant traveling method that allows you to travel to different parts of the world map. However, when you try to travel fast in the game, your player will be taken to an empty void in the sky.

This glitch will cause you to reload your game, and you will have to travel on foot to any destination.  

Primal Gaming shares some glitches in Minecraft: Legends.

Floating Objects Glitch


Some graphical issues cause objects to float. When you cut down a tree but don’t harvest all the wood, the game will show an image of a floating tree branch. You will not be able to collect any more wood from this tree. Once you walk past the branch, it will disappear.

INEVERMINE shares some glitches from Minecraft: Legends.

Invisible Gate Glitch


There is an invisible gate glitch that occurs near Mossy Golem Seayner. The invisible gate glitch will happen when you walk across a shifting gate that moves up and down.

When you try to exit the area through the gate, you will be blocked by an invisible gate. You will then have to find a new exit point to escape from the area.

Irish Coffee Cake shares a glitch from Minecraft: Legends.

How To Get The Regal Tiger


Traveling can be done on foot or by mounting onto an animal such as a horse or regal tiger. The regal tiger is the fastest means to explore every corner of the game.

To mount yourself on a regal tiger, you must look on your map for the biome area called “Dry Savannah.” Search the area on the map for a tiger icon, click on the “tiger icon,” and you will be taken to an area filled with regal tigers.

Walk up to a regal tiger, and once you are close enough, press “Swap Mount.” You will then be mounted onto a regal tiger and can teleport with the mount to all areas of the map.

Dead Zpikes shares a guide on how to get the regal tiger in Minecraft: Legends.

How To Get Rid Of Golems


You can’t despawn your golems. However, there are three methods that you can use to get rid of unwanted golems. The first way to get rid of a golem is probably the easiest but most inhumane: kill them with lava. 

To kill a golem with lava, you must ensure that all of your golems follow you. To get golems to follow you, simply press “Q” on your keyboard when you're next to them. You then need to find a ravine that is filled with lava and build a bridge over it.

Instruct your golems to stand in the middle of the bridge, and then you must remove it. The golems will then immediately dissolve in lava.

The second way to get rid of golems is by sending them into battle against the Piglins. Rally your golem army and send them off to fight the Piglins at one of the Piglin bases. When your army of golems dies, you can respawn new mobs.

The last way to get rid of your unwanted golems is to send them out to different areas of the map and walk out on them, using fast travel. If you need your mobs back to fight, you must create a golem spawner to call them back to fight for you.

How To Get Lapis


Lapis is one of the most useful resources to obtain, as it is used to spawn friendly mobs. It’s not the hardest resource to find, but it does take some time to locate. 

The simplest way to find lapis is to open chests. You can find chests located all over the open world, and you’ll even find them after saving villages from Piglin attacks. After finding a chest, you’ll have the chance to collect 30 or more Lapis.

Chests may not always contain Lapis, and the only sure way to collect Lapis is by taking down Piglins. Every Piglin you defeat will drop a Lapis for you to pick up and collect. 

You’ll be able to find Piglins scattered around the open world. The best place to find Piglins is at a major Piglin base. You can also collect multiple Lapis when defending a village against Piglin attacks.

PepperHommie Game Review and Guides shares a guide on how to collect Lapis

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