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Вот наши Сбои для Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Infinite Invisibility Glitch


This glitch works on most versions of Spider-man Miles Morales. Try using this glitch multiple versions of the game until you succeed. The first thing you must do is "load" a game where you have completed the game. Don't load the mission "Memory Lane" otherwise this glitch will not work.

After you have loaded the game, you must head on over to where the mission starts. Then when you land where the mission starts, you must push "up" on the D-PAD, the "Triangle" button, and "Touch pad" in quick succession.

You must then go to the "Missions tab" and select the mission called "Reconnecting". If you aren't able to start any missions then you must try again. When the mission is loaded and the game looks normal, you must "quit" the game and reload the saved game you have just left.

The game should be pixelated and blurry. If the game isn't pixelated, you must try doing it over again. When the game is pixelated and the door opens, you will need to spam "up" on the D-PAD as much as you can. "Miles" will not show up until he has finished climbing the ladder.

If the glitch works correctly, "Miles" will show up with the invisible effect. Don't skip any cut scenes, and you will then have infinite invisibility.

Nobes shows us an invisibility glitch in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Cat Glitch


There is a cat glitch that appears after you have completed a side mission that involves saving a cat. Once you have completed this mission you will receive a cat outfit. Equip your player with the cat outfit and enter photo mode.

Take multiple selfies with the suit on and you will notice that there will be a cat in the photo with a different pose every time.

Car glitch


Every car in Spider-Man Morales will automatically stop before it hits a player. There is a glitch that occurs on a side mission called “Emergency Comms Down”. On this mission, you meet the "EMT" whose car has been stolen. 

You will then have to search for his car and take it back to him. Once the "EMT" has his car back, he will begin to drive away from the location. If you stand in front of the car that he is driving, you will be knocked over repeatedly until his car slows down and comes to a halt.

Daniels ZH shows some glitches he found in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Infinite Venom Glitch


To do this glitch you will need to do a mission called "Emergency Comms Down". You are given three venom bars to charge up a breaker. You must swing around buildings in the surrounding area and fill up all the bars.

You must then start boosting yourself in the air and the venom bars will automatically start to refill themselves. After you boost yourself high enough, you will be able to roam the city with unlimited venom powers.

There are no crimes and you can't do any activities with this glitch. All it allows you to do is boost around the city at fast speeds and wander into the unfinished parts of New York city.

Nobles shares the infinite Venom glitch he found in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Floating Glitch


The floating glitch allows your character to float around in the air. In order to pull off this glitch you will first need to enter the "Emergency Comms Down" mission and perform the "infinite venom glitch". Once you have gained access to infinite venom boosters, you will need to head over to the bridge next to “Wrecker Island”. 

In order for this glitch to work it requires you to stay within the top and bottom length of the island and the confines of the bridge. Boost your character up into the air between the bridge, as you come down you will begin to float in the centre of the bridge.

While you are floating in the air, you can do tricks with your character or simply make him glitch out.

Nobes shares a "floating glitch" that occurs in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Hidden City and Shopping Mall Glitch


There is a hidden city and Shopping Mall glitch that occurs in Spider-Man Miles Morales. To access this glitch you will first need to select a mission that includes an auto movement for the camera. 

Entering photo mode will enable you to go inside almost every building in the game, although the majority of them are empty inside so don’t expect much. This does however allow you to enter the shopping mall before it is destroyed. 

To do this, you need to restart the “Harlem” mission. When “Rhino” takes you to the shopping mall, you will have to abandon the mission and wait approximately 10 seconds. You must then exit the game. 

When you relaunch the game and press “continue”, you will be inside the empty mall and can explore without the stress of completing a mission. 

The next part of this glitch is what is known as “Hidden City”. Once You have made it into the  shopping mall, from the first part of the glitch. You must exit the shopping mall by swinging through the roof.

Once your player has exited the building through the roof, you will see a completely different version of the city then what is normally shown. The textures in the city are not rendered properly, and with no VFX you will get the feeling as though you are in an entirely new game.

The map of the city is not available during this glitch.However, you are still able to have fun swinging around the city.

Prosta_gierka shows us how to explore the shopping mall glitch in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

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