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Вот наши Подсказки для Mafia II: Definitive Edition на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Beginner’s Guide


Gain a Free Car Tune-Up and Customization

After getting your hands on the lockpicks and discharge papers, stealing the Jefferson Provincial, and escaping from the cops in Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home, Joe sends you to the nervy body shop, where he’ll pay for your license plate change.

You can take full advantage of his generosity as he’ll pay for any other services the body shop officers as well, so you can paint the car, get a tune-up, and change the rims and tires for free. However, this only works on the first visit, so ensure you’ve upgraded your car as much as possible before leaving the garage.

Find a Shotgun Early

After changing your number plates in Chapter 2, Joe will take you to meet Mike Bruski. Here, you’ll go through a shooting tutorial and then be tasked with stealing a car from the Alley by The Lone Star bar for Mike.

Once you get to the bar, a tutorial on how to climb over a gate will start. Ignore it and enter the bar. Once inside, head to the door to the right of the counter to get to the storage area, where you’ll find a shotgun on a metal shelf. 

Shotguns aren’t available until Chapter 5, and you’ll only be able to purchase them from Harry until Chapter 7 makes them available in regular gun shops, so use your ammo sparingly. However, if you run out of ammo and want to try your luck, you can rob one of the gun shops. Regular gun shop owners will pull shotguns on you, and they’re quick shots, so take them out fast so you’re actually alive to use the ammo you came for.

Rob Stores to Earn Cash Quickly

If you want to customize cars, you’ll need cash. The easiest way to do this is by selling cars to Mike, which takes time and only pays about $450 per car. Robbing stores and gas stations is a faster but more limited way to earn cash. Just keep in mind that the stores you rob will be closed for the duration of the chapter you’re on.

The best stores to rob are gun shops, as they carry anywhere between $500 to $700. Head to one of these stores, unarmed, and shove the owner until armed combat begins. Then, you can use the wall or counter to your advantage and take them out with a finishing combo. Once you’ve taken out the owners, you can empty the register and restock the ammo you need.

You can also rob clothing stores (which carry between $100 and $200) and bars/diners (which carry between $50 and $160). Robbing clothing stores will grant you access to different outfits; you just have to take specific clothes during a robbery, and robbing bars/diners will allow you to replenish your health via the food items you steal.

Do keep in mind that some clothing stores have mobsters as armed guards, and certain bar/diner owners carry rifles and shotguns. 

The lowest-paying stores you can rob are gas stations. They only carry around $40 to $60, but they have no protection of any kind, and they’re a quick and easy job.

Cover is Your Best Friend

Death can strike you unexpectedly during the game. To deter it as much as you can, when in combat, use cover as much as possible. It can get you out of tricky situations, save your life, and allow you to perform some accurate, quick shots by just hitting LT and RT.

Use the Speed Limiter to Slow Yourself Down

Driving fast means you need to find a way to brake face, and brakes don’t always do a good job. The easiest way to ensure you stop when you need to is by turning the speed limiter on, as it will slow you down far more efficiently than brakes.

Use Phone Booths (and Bribery) to Keep Cops From Coming After You

If the cops are getting annoying and you need a break from being chased around, you can just head to one of the phone booths situated on the map. Just remember, it’ll cost you $500 to get the cops to leave you alone.

Give Yourself a Challenge

This game is not a particularly difficult one, especially on easier game modes. It has about ten hours of gameplay, so you can add to the length of your adventure by choosing the hardest difficulty. The hardest difficulty also has the additional bonus of granting you a couple of trophies once you’ve finished a playthrough. 

Take Advantage of Your Fallen Enemies and Steal Their Weapons

The game handles weapons rather strangely. As you travel the map, you’ll often find yourself equipped with only a pistol or some other weaker weapon. While you could get through the whole game with a pistol, getting better weapons will make your life a whole lot easier, and you don’t always have to visit the weapon shop to do that.

Take note of what weapons your enemies use so that when you down one with a shotgun or tommy-gun, you can claim it as your own. You’re not limited to the number of guns you can carry either, so collect as many as you want and take your enemies out as you please.

Explore the Car Options Until You Find One You Like

The map is rather large, so whether you’re exploring it because of tasks in the main story or you’re just on the hunt for Wanter Posters, you’re going to want to find an easy way to get around. The best way to do so is with a car.

There are many different cars in the game, each of which can offer you a different experience, whether you’re looking for something with speed, bulk, or a little bit of everything. Test out the various cars to see which works best for you, then stick with that car. You should also keep one or two extra on hand; you never know when a mission might need a little extra speed.

Use the Garages to Your Advantage

You can store a limited number of vehicles in the garages scattered across the map and make sure you’re prepared for any situation at any given time, whether you need a fast getaway car or something capable of taking on a shower of bullets. 

You can also repair and upgrade your cars in these garages, so the condition and stats of the cars you purchase (or steal) are never static.

Eat to Heal

During the early-game tutorials, eating food is brushed over, so it’s easy to miss what the point of it is. When you take damage, your health eventually generates, so it doesn’t seem like there’s any real reason to worry if you get brought down a couple of hearts while fighting enemies. Unfortunately, natural regeneration only goes so far, and your health meter is actually reset to a lower number than your max health.

Eating food will fully replenish your maximum health. It may not be something you can do for a good chunk of a chapter you’re playing through, so make sure you eat something at the end of a chapter before sleeping.

Drive Cautiously

In other games, you can blast past a red light well over the speed limit, and no one blinks an eye. Not this one. Cops pay attention to how you drive, so you should, too. The speed limiter is incredibly helpful for making sure you don’t break the speed limit.

Even if you’re not breaking any road laws, cops may still pull you over to issue a ticket, so just be careful. The only time you need to break speed records is when you’re trying to get away from a heist gone wrong.

Find as Many Playboy Collectibles as You Can

There are two types of collectibles available in the game, and the infamous Playboy Magazine is one of them. There are 50 scattered across the map for you to find. Keep in mind that there is a specific number on each chapter, and once you move on, you can’t go back to collect the Magazines you missed.

Search for Wanted Posters

The second collective is Wanted Posters. There are 159 scattered across the map. They aren’t limited to the chapter you’re playing in, so the best way to collect them is just to wait until you’ve completed the main game. 

Some can be time-sensitive, so if you’re not finding a poster where you know it’s meant to be, chances are you’re searching at the wrong time, not the wrong place.

Hunt for all the Trophies You Can

The game is shorter, but you can do plenty of things to get as much play time out of it as possible. One of these is trying to get all the achievements. You can run around trying to get as many rewards as possible while enjoying the game at its base level.

It’s fun, and you get a sense of gratification when a notification pops up on the screen that you’ve successfully earned an achievement.

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