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Cheats Available on WeMod Trainer


Although there isn’t a built-in cheat system, you can still enhance gameplay by incorporating cheats. Opting for a trainer is one viable option. We recommended conducting thorough research and perusing trainer evaluations before integrating them into your system.

The WeMod Humankind Trainer can activate boundless health and movement and grants you access to approximately seven cheats. You can manipulate population, currency, influence, era stars, and research points. Procure the trainer and initiate it. 

The WeMod trainer has collected an abundance of positive feedback from users and offers a myriad of cheats. Some of the cheats accessible via the WeMod Trainer encompass the following options:

  • Press F1 to activate Unlimited Movement.
  • Press F2 to activate Unlimited Health.
  • Press F3 to increase Influence and Shift +F3 Decrease Influence.
  • Press F4 to increase Money and Shift +F4 Decrease Money.
  • Press F5 to increase Research Points and Shift +F5 Decrease Research Points.
  • Press F6 to increase Era Stars and Shift +F5 Decrease Era Stars.
  • Press F7 to increase Population and Shift +F5 Decrease Population.

Activating the Humankind Console Cheats?

An alternate method of using cheats in Humankind involves employing console commands. Initially, you must activate it since it won't be visible as the default setting. Enabling the cheat console empowers you to directly input cheat codes within the game if you harbor reservations about third-party trainers. To activate the Humankind cheat console, adhere to the following steps:

The Steps for a Steam Game

  1. Go to the game library and right-click on Humankind.
  2. Go to Properties and then click on General Tab.
  3. Go to Launch Options and add the following command in the input field: -enablemoddingtools.
  4. Press “~” or the relevant key to launch the cheat console.

The Steps for the Epic Store or Windows Store

  1. Right-click on the Humankind game shortcut. It will be in the Start Menu or on the desktop.
  2. Go to Properties, and then click on Target.
  3. Type: -enablemoddingtools next to humankind.exe.

To access the cheat console in Humankind, you can append the argument to the game launch option. At present, the game developers have not released any operational cheats. You can utilize this console to interact with fellow players within the game. Here are a few frequently used Humankind console commands:

  1. Help – View the list of all available commands.
  2. Block – Mute a player in Multiplayer Game.
  3. Unblock – Unmute the player.
  4. Whisper – Send a private message to a player.
WeMod shows off the cheats available for Humankind

How to Improve Your Gaming Experience as a Beginner


Strategic Terrain Navigation and Resource Gathering

In the Neolithic era, starting as a nomadic tribe, it is crucial to navigate the terrain effectively. Pay close attention to your movement on different tiles. Forested tiles consume two base movement points, while standard tiles only use one. It is not advisable to move through dense forests, as it depletes movement points. Instead, prioritize moving along rivers, as they offer better food discoveries. Food discoveries near rivers provide significant benefits compared to those on random prairies. Remember to separate your tribes early on to explore and find resources.

Maximizing Movement Efficiency for Resource Gathering

When navigating terrain, moving to high ground is essential in the Neolithic era and future stages of the game when maneuvering troops and armies. Saving movement points is crucial, so plan your movements strategically. Stepping onto a river consumes all remaining movement points, so try to have just one movement point left before crossing a river. This way, you maximize your moves and avoid wasting them.

Using Terrain for Superior Combat and Resource Gathering

Understanding basic combat skills is vital for success in Humankind. Choose high ground positions and avoid water hazards and rivers. Aim for a position that forces your opponent to take the lower ground. Deploy your units accordingly and consider defensive stances to minimize damage. Ranged units should be kept on high ground and at a distance, except for crossbowmen. Utilize the terrain advantage to achieve favorable outcomes in battles.

Cultural Dynamics: Maximizing Humankind's Diverse Civilizations

Different cultures in Humankind offer various advantages and powers. Builder cultures excel in industry and growth, while militarist cultures are potent in combat. Consider cultural affinities when choosing a civilization, as they significantly impact gameplay. The Egyptians and Harappans are reliable choices, but new contenders like the Olmecs have emerged as powerful options. Stay updated with the evolving dynamics of cultures in the game.

Influence and Faith: Shaping the Early Game

Influence and faith are especially strong in the early game. These resources allow you to overpower opponents and maintain control throughout the game. Pay attention to your civilization's unique abilities, such as the aesthetic culture's ability to generate significant influence. Use your influence strategically to claim territories and weaken rival societies.

Spheres of Influence: Expanding Authority

Understanding how spheres of influence work is crucial. By spending gold, you can gain influence over territories not yet under your societal influence. Expanding your authority weakens rival civilizations, affects stability, and can trigger rebellions.

JumboPixel shares some helpful game tips for beginners

Winning Strategies for Advanced Players


Fresh Start for the Neolithic Era

Triggering a special event called "Fresh Start" can be highly advantageous. In the early game, intentionally lose a battle with your single unit against a mammoth to activate this event. Upon respawning, you will find yourself near your original spawn with four units in your hunting party instead of one. This strategy is particularly effective at slower game speeds and higher difficulties.

Uranium Enrichment and Nuclear Fission

Researching the bottom line of the tech tree, specifically uranium enrichment and nuclear fission unlocks the powerful late-game technology of nuclear weaponry. These technologies are crucial for revealing nukes on the map. With the fusion reactor as the final technology along this line, you can quickly progress and access the game-changing benefits, such as +50 industry in cities and outposts and -50 pollution in territories.

Upgrading Cities

When evolving outposts into cities, the influence cost roughly doubles with each new city acquired. It is essential to capture cities before upgrading outposts to save influence. Following this tip can minimize the influence cost and optimize your city expansion.

Settlers and Founding Cities

Settlers are powerful units designed to establish cities instantly. Instead of gradually upgrading outposts, use settlers to found cities directly. This approach is particularly beneficial when reaching out to new territories or a new world. By utilizing settlers, you can quickly establish cities with pre-built infrastructure, gaining a significant advantage in development.

Pollution as a Strategic Tool

Understanding the mechanics of pollution is crucial. The game will end if you reach pollution level 2. However, you can use pollution to your advantage by managing emissions through infrastructure like clean energy. By manipulating pollution levels strategically, you can gain an edge in the fame race and hasten the game's end.

Cultural Affinity Abilities

Cultural affinity abilities, such as scientific ability and industry ability, provide significant advantages. For example, the scientific ability called "collective minds" converts industry and money into science, rapidly boosting your scientific progress. The industry's ability does the opposite, converting science and gold into industry. Leveraging these abilities can expedite research and industry development, leading to fame and stronger civilizations.

A Tribe's Legacy

Achieving the knowledge star requirements and obtaining all ten curiosities in the Neolithic era triggers a special event called "Tribe's Legacy." This event offers three choices: makers, farmers, and storytellers. Each option provides unique benefits related to the population, such as increased industry, food, or science. These traits persist into future eras, providing long-term advantages.

Nuclear Proliferation and ICBM Missiles

Unlocking the nuclear civic "Nuclear Spectre" is essential for building and launching nuclear weapons. Enacting the civic called "Nuclear Proliferation" is a prerequisite for building the nuclear test, enabling nuclear missiles to be created. Conducting two tests unlocks the standard nuclear missile, while a third test enhances its range. You can become a nuclear power in the game by progressing through these steps.

JumboPixel shares 9 winning strategies

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