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Cheats are there.


Although FIFA does not have an anti-cheat system, they admitted to banning over 30,000 cheaters in the last months. This is surprising for a game without an Anti-cheat. 

Cheats are basically available for hackers willing to put the effort and ready to be banned, and can even be used online play. 

Trash the gold


While you should keep discard-price bronze and silver cards until they are needed for Squad Building Challenges, gold’s rated 75-81 should be sold on the transfer market right away.

They won’t make you a lot of money, but you will get so many gold cards this season as a result of Division Rivals and Squad battles prizes that it’s pointless to keep them. For products ranked 82 or higher, there is a separate rule.

Due to Icon Squad Building Challenges, these will occasionally go for premium amounts, therefore you are better off saving them for now in order to reap the maximum coins afterwards.

Career Mode


Career mode has become the main reason anybody purchases FIFA these days. If you want to do it well, you need to understand some things. This will also help you spice some things up. 

Build a network

Naturally, you will need to recruit and sign more players if you want to take your squad to the next level. Whether you want to grow your team with your young group or go out and recruit players from other teams.

In any case, you will need to establish a scouting network to assist you in locating players. You want to sign a scout with the most judgement and experience that you can afford, depending on your team’s budget. This will increase your chances of finding outstanding players, particularly through your youth scout network.

Of course, if your plan is to stick to players from watching real-world soccer, you can skip the scouting process while looking for current players. 

Potential is everything

Rather than starting your own team, how about taking on an already established one? Then, in terms of long-term career mode success, it’s all about laying the groundwork for the future. These are the top ten players in career mode, their current rating is the first score, while their potential score is the second

  • Kylian Mbappe from PSG has a score of 91, his potential score is 95
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma from PSG has a score of 89, his potential score is 93
  • Erling Haaland from Dortmund has a score of 88, his potential score is 93
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold from Liverpool has a score of 87, his potential score is 92
  • Phil Foden from Manchester City has a score of 84, his potential score is 92
  • Kai Havertz from Chelsea has a score of 84, his potential score is 92
  • Jadon Sancho from Manchester United has a score of 87, his potential score is 91
  • Matthijs de Ligt from Piemonte Calcio has a score of 85, his potential score is 91
  • Joao Felix from Atletico Madris has a score of 83, his potential score is 91
  • Pedri from Barecelona has a score of 81, his potential score is 91


EA’s contentious decision to eliminate normal 400-coin bronze packs from Ultimate Team has impacted the Bronze Pack Method, also known as ‘BPM’. Instead, only 750-coin premium packets are available. It makes working the market more difficult, but it can still be profitable if you are patient.

Check the ‘compare price’ option for each player after purchasing a pack. Any cards that are now selling for the ‘discard’ price, 200 coins, should be kept in your cub for the time being.

Those with a value of more than 200, on the other hand, can be sold on the open market at a comparable price to other cards that are identical. You may cherry-pick the ideal time to market those, too by going through your stashed players regularly. Aim to sell 1000 coins per bundle, and you will be well on your way to making a lot of money.

Career Mode can be done badly and really well, check out a few more tips about Career mode here.

Intro Easter Egg Guests

Пасхальные яйца

The first few minutes of FIFA 22 are shocking, star-studded, and completely unexpected.

It all starts in Paris, with David Beckham sipping a cup of coffee in a posh hotel. After being contacted by Lisa Zimouche, a French freestyler, the scene shifts to a room on a lower floor, where you can choose your avatar.

The game then instructs you on how to use the controls as you dribble across the capital, dodging citizens and tourists. This will take you to Le Parc des Princes where you run through a few drills with Thierry Henry and Kylian Mbappé before being whisked off to a swanky Parisian tailor to pick out some threads before taking your seat in the PSG box seat.

The likes of Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Joshua are hanging out here because EA Sports took the time to face-scan them for FIFA 21 and are making sure the assets are recycled. The title then changes to a traditional Champions League match between Chelsea and PSG, and you’re in the game.

A twinkly version of Blur’s song Two, a homage to FIFA 98, plays in the lift as you travel downstairs from the hotel, and as far as intros go, this certainly gets you in the FIFA mood. The opener caught us off guard in a nice way for a franchise that rarely surprises.

Watch this jam packed scene!

Create a club


In career mode, you may now establish your own club and add it to any league in the game, effectively replacing an existing team.

You get to pick your team’s name, rival, crests as well as your home and away uniforms. With 8- different designs to choose from, including Adidas, Puma, Nike, New Balance, Umbro, and Hummel the latter is a great way to pass the time.

Master a skill move or two


To succeed in FIFA 22, you don’t have to become a master of skill moves. Of course, you don’t have to learn all of the game’s clever gimmicks, but if you master a couple, you will be in good shape. We suggest practicing simple skill maneuvers such as the fake shot, drag back, bridge, and ball roll. Knowing them will provide you with a variety of offensive possibilities. The controls for these skills are:

Fake Shot: This can be used to confuse a defender and make space for a shot by pressing Circle (Xbox: B) and then X (Xbox: A) plus a direction.

Drag Back: This allows you to quickly shift directions, allowing you to pass or shoot. Flick away from the direction you are facing with L1 (Xbox: LB) plus R1 (Xbox: RB) plus Left stick. 

Bridge: While not as strong as the previous year, it allows you to dart through defenses with quick players by double-tapping R1 (Xbox: RB).

Ball roll: Hold the right stick and move it left or right. This maintains the ball close to the box and makes room for a shot.

Finesse shots

FIFA 22’s improved goalkeepers are a welcome addition. There are fewer rebound goals, they are better in one-on-one scenarios, and they generally act more realistically by tipping balls over or wide and claiming crosses. Old scoring exploits have mostly been nerfed as a result, but that hasn’t prevented the community from looking for new ones.

The finesse shot from outside the box is the most effective form of FIFA 22 shooting, despite patches reducing its success rate. This shot involves kicking a curler around the keeper and into the top of the corner, to do so maneuver the ball around the D’s edge until your line to the goal is clear and then hold down shoot while pressing R1 (on PlayStation) or RB (on Xbox). Of course, practice makes perfect.

Finesse shots can also be used in the box, but we favor low-driven shots. These keep the ball low and appear to be able to get past the keeper on a regular basis. You can do this by pressing L1+R1+Circle (Xbox: LB+RB+B).

Two-man Press


You can bring a second player over to attack the person with the ball if you hold down R1 (Xbox: RB) on defense you begin to overload them, this puts greater pressure on the offensive. You may also use this to put pressure on the ball with an AI defender while closing off a passing lane with the player that you are controlling.

In this video you can see the best ways to utilize the two-man tips

Manage your players


FIFA 22 provides a number of tools to assist you in managing your players and molding them into the team you desire. You may not only create a weekly schedule to assist them to maintain their Fitness, Sharpness, and Morale, but you can also dig down into the development plan of each player in order to train them as needed.

You can choose the weekly schedule from the main menu. This option allows you to experiment with the training and recovery regimens for your squad. You should aim to strike a balance between the three aspects that influence your team’s performance on game day.

Also, in the main menu, you can select development to delve even deeper into the details. Here, you are able to change each player’s training routine. Your player will be able to work toward a set of potential archetypes for each position, which will affect his ratings. Younger players will of course improve quicker, so focusing on them with solid development plans while kicking off a career mode is always a good idea.

How to get the most out of each player

Using PrivateCheatz to View your opponent’s hidden statistics and information


To use these cheats you will need to download a software from Though it does come at a price-per-day cost.

Division rivals: This gives you complete access to your opponent’s statistics, allowing you to see how they perform in Division Rivals games.

Weekend League: Similar to Division Rivals, this gives you the ability to check your opponents’ statistics from all the weekend league competitions.

Online draft: This shows you how well your opponent did in their online draft matches.

Origin ID: This displays the origin ID of your opponent.

Club ID: In FIFA 22, this will display the name of your opponent’s club.

Squad name: This will show the name of the Squad being used by the other player.

Formation: This will make the opponent’s relevant info, about their formation, visible to you.

Blacklist: Using this functionality, you can blacklist an opponent, and you will know when you are up against a strong opponent because you’ll receive a notification.

Whitelist: When you enter a match made game against someone on the whitelist, you will receive notification that you’re playing against a rather weak team.

Your side: This simply informs you whether your team is at home or away

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