Farm Together: Deluxe Edition Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Farm Together: Deluxe Edition
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100 years of money and diamonds glitch.


A player must load the game. Once a player has loaded the game they must go to settings. In settings, go to network settings. The player must select "Go offline". 

Hold the home button until the "power off button" appears. Click the reset console option. The console will reset offline.

Once the console is offline reset the time and date to 100 years ahead. The next step is to load Farm Together and the player will receive 100 years of money and diamonds.

The player must play in their garden for a few seconds and go to time and date, and set it to 100years ahead again, a player can repeat this process 4 to 5 times.

A player won’t always receive money and diamonds each time they try this glitch.

Caution, a player must not go past 2900 money, or the game won't load.

Once a player has the money and diamonds they require, walk around the garden for 2 years and load up in the garden.

Go to settings, and in settings turn the console back online. The time and date will automatically adjust. Then a player must save to cloud save.

After a player has been in their garden for 5 minutes. The player must go to their dashboard, and load the game saved to cloud save.

The game will then be loaded back online and the player will receive all their money and diamonds.

RC Dragon goes through a money and diamond glitch
Does  not  work  requires  license  which  requires  internet
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How to enable cheats for Farm Together on your PC.


To enable cheats for Farm Together, a player must go to the Properties option by right-clicking on their mouse.

After the player has clicked on the properties option, they must then go to the General Tab and select the Launch options.

The next step for the player is to click on the launch options and enter “-cheats2”.

Once they have entered the code, they must click on "OK" and shut the properties option.

The player must then Relaunch Farm Together and the cheats will be enabled.



In order for a player to activate this cheat code, they must type “timeskip” on their keyboard while playing the game.

Once this code has been typed in, this cheat will fast forward the time in the game by 5 minutes.

The cheat may be entered multiple times and will only affect the player that has entered the code.

Plitch talks about multiple cheats in the game
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Ravpic Cheat


This cheat is a screenshot tool. A player must type in the code “ravpic” on their keyboard while in-game.

The cheat code will allow a player will keep full control over their character.

How to make money and diamonds fast


Here is a guide on how to make money and diamonds fast while a player is offline.

The first step is for a player to start farming with Clownfish. A player must purchase Clownfish and make sure that all the ponds with Clownfish are joined together.

These fish have an 80% catch rate and are expensive to put on a farm. The fish takes 30 minutes to harvest.

Once a player has Clownfish, the player must put one farmhand working on the Clownfish. He will farm them all.

A player must then use the proceeds from the Clownfish and buy money trees. The money trees will produce diamonds.

The harvesting of the Clownfish will also give the player diamonds.

Farm Together is a continuous game and plays in real-time even when a player is offline.

It is vital that a player ensures that they have enough tickets to run their farm while they are offline. 

The best way for a player to keep their farm going is to have the means to produce tickets. 

The best way to produce tickets is by making sushi. 

A player can only make sushi once they have a tree cabin or a Stone house depending on the level they are on.

Once a player logs back online they will have a large number of diamonds and money. 

Born 2 Game shows us in the video how to farm clownfish and make money and diamonds fast.

Helpful trips and tricks


A player must always plant trees of the same kind together and after they must post a sign.

It is advantageous to combine fish of the same kind in large ponds.

A player must place a signpost of each type of fish that is contained in their ponds.

All farm animals must be placed in the same area by the player. 

When a player does quests, they must plant only the specific crops, and trees needed for those quests. This will assist a player to get through quests faster. 

It is important for a player to daily check their quests. This will inform them as to what needs to be done on their farm. 

A useful tip is for a player to unlock water sprinklers as soon as possible as they will help a player sustain large farms. 

The sprinklers will water plants and crops for the player automatically.

A player must remember to plant the trees they unlock as they progress in the game. 

This is to prepare the player for when there is a quest to plant the trees. They have already planted the trees.

Awareness Project in this video shares some tips and tricks for players to use in Farm Together.

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