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  • Рейтинги: PEGI 7,
  • Впервые выпущен: May 18, 2021

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Lave Radio Station Пасхальные яйца

There is an orange Sidewinder located just on the outskirts of Lave Station doing radio broadcasts. This is a nod to the Radio Station Lave Radio, which makes weekly Elite Dangerous shows and has been since the original game was launched.



Unlock Engineer Domino Green Разблокируемый

First things first, all engineers go through the same process; your avatar first needs to learn about the engineer, then gain access to them so that they will work with you, and lastly, do a small favor for them to tell you about the next engineer.

Domino Green is common knowledge, so your avatar already knows about her; no special knowledge is needed. 

The next step is to travel at least 100 light years in shuttles for her to work with you. If you haven't done that yet, it is fairly simple: book a shuttle for a trip about 50 light years away, and then do a return trip.

The next thing you will need to do is give her 5 Push. Push is a drug that is illegal in most systems but relatively easy to get from a smuggler's camp. The equipment you will need for this is a Ship with a Detailed Surface Scanner, a Maverick Suit, and an SRV is suggested.

To find Push, you are going to look for irregularities with threats on them. Look at landable planets in orbit of a sun but avoid those planets' moons as it is often in minimal quantities.


EDTutorials by Exigeous on finding Push


Glitching NPCs Сбои

With the game still being newly released, you can expect to find a few glitches. NPCs are glitching everywhere in this game. Some of them are hilarious, while others are just plain frustrating.


Griffin Payer found some glitching NPCs at a Station.


Elevator Plunge Сбои

It is well known that NPCs can be more of a hindrance and frustration than anything else. There is an unfortunate glitch that causes an NPC to randomly appear while you're in the elevator, and the next thing you know, your avatar is plunged into space, and then you just fall on a loop. The only thing to do is restart the game.


Karl Higbee experiencing the elevator plunge.


The Floor is Gone! Сбои

As you try using an Arc Cutter, the floor and walls glitch in and out of appearance whenever you try to cut them. This glitch occurred on an Agri base in the Brodal System.


Skelbagz shows some frustrating glitches


Call a Cab Подсказки

You have landed on a planet and managed to find yourself stranded. Worry not; you can call a taxi/shuttle to get you where you need to go. You can request a taxi from the same radial menu that you check your mission status on, hot-key Q. If you are not having any luck, check your keyboard/controller settings.



Quick Money Missions Подсказки

So you've just started playing and need to buy gear. The easiest and quickest way to make money in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is to take on Transporter Missions. Transporter missions are relatively low risk, and you don't require a high-powered ship or expensive gear to complete them.



Beginner's Guide Руководства

If you have played Horizon or other similar games you may be tempted to jump straight into Elite Dangerous: Odyssey multiplayer mode. This is a bad idea as this game has a lot of new dynamics that may be frustrating, but worry not as there are plenty of tutorials for you to learn through. This guide is going to be focused on the newer aspects of the game and not general gameplay.



Suits Руководства

There are four different suits for you to wear in-game at the moment. You start with the basic flight suit, the same as you have in Horizon, but as you progress, there is also the Artemis, Maverick, and Dominator suit, and each suit has its strengths and weaknesses.

Flight Suit - This is your basic starter suit. 

  • Weapons: Only Pistols
  • Capacity: 5 Goods/ 10 Assets /10 Data
  • Shield: 7.5mw
  • Battery: 7mw

Artemis Suit -This is your basic starter suit. 

  • Weapons: 1 Primary and 1 Secondary
  • Tool: Genetic Sampler
  • Capacity: 10 Goods/ 20 Assets /10 Data
  • Shield: 12mw
  • Battery: 17mw

Maverick Suit -This is your basic starter suit. 

  • Weapons: 1 Primary and 1 Secondary
  • Tool: Arc Cutter
  • Capacity: 15 Goods/ 30 Assets /10 Data
  • Shield: 13.5mw
  • Battery: 13.5mw

Dominator Suit -This is your combat suit. 

  • Weapons: 2 Primary and 1 Secondary
  • Capacity: 5 Goods/ 10 Assets /10 Data
  • Shield: 15mw
  • Battery: 10mw

All of the suits have access to an energy link (turning on devices), an analysis scanner, a shield, and a backpack. Each suit has resistance against different damage types, with your Dominator being the most resistant. All of the suits require power to work with your Artemis designed for exploration it has the largest battery.



Weapons Руководства

The weapons have been split up into 3 different damage types: Kinetic, Thermal, and Plasma. There are +- about 3 weapons for each damage type, with them primarily being a Pistol, SMG, and Assult Rifle. 

Avoid the SMGs as they don't work as well damage wise it's not a big step up from a pistol; the Assult Rifle is the way to go.

The best damage type in this game has to be Plasma, as most obstacles that you will be shooting either have a high resistance to Kinetic or Thermal damage. Plasma just gets the job done without you having to swap between different weapons the whole time.


Down to Earth Astronomy gives a rundown of the new aspects in-game.


Engineers and Upgrades Руководства

The weapons and suits that you buy will mostly be level 1, and there are 4 upgrades you can do, but they require you to source the materials. Every time you upgrade your gear, there is an engineering slot that is unlocked so you can modify your weapons while upgrading them.

There are ways to get your engineering modifications earlier on by keeping an eye out for upgraded weapons at your vendors. These weapons are randomly generated and occasionally come with different engineering mods. 

As you progress through the game, you will encounter engineers who make various modifications to your gear. Domino Green is the best starting engineer as she will tell you about other engineers and you don't need special knowledge to find her. From there, you can unlock other engineers and gain access to better modifications.



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