Destiny: The Taken King Подсказки на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вот наши Подсказки для Destiny: The Taken King на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Secret Mission (Black Spindle)


There is a secret mission that will reward you with the Black Spindle exotic sniper rifle. To get it, you’ll need to play the “Lost to Light” daily heroic mission. Play through it until the boss fight. You’re going to need to wait for a relic to spawn and take it with you, which will require quick timing. Keep going, getting the other relics as quickly as possible, but when you reach the third relic door, you don’t want to go through it. Instead, go past it along the path you would take to fight Taniks in the Shadow Thief strike. If you get through fast enough, you’ll reach a lift you can take to a new area to start the secret mission.

You’ll need to complete the mission within 10 minutes.

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