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Вот наши Руководства для My Garage на PC. Самые надежные товары получают больше всего "больших пальцев вверх" от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Possible repair jobs Руководства

The job will not be completed if: 

  • You have damaged the vehicle in any way
  • You have not done everything that is related to the job
  • You have forgotten to put parts back on the car 

You will be able to buy spare parts at the junkyard to save money, especially if the parts are expensive. 

Easy Jobs: 

  • Car Wash: The fixed at $80. This is the easiest job in the game, and all you need is your water hose. 
  • Changing fuel tanks: The price for this job is unfixed because: 
    • with the LAD models, you will need to open the boot and unscrew the single bolt holding the fuel tank
    • with the NIV models, you will need to open the doors, remove the rear seats and remove the two bolts holding the fuel tank.  
    • With CHAD and BART models, you will need to lean under the back of the car and unscrew the six bolts that hold the fuel tank.

You will also have the option of keeping the fuel in the old fuel tank by pouring it into a can or another tank.  

  • Car part painting: The fixed price is $121. This is an easy job, but you will need about $20 because you need at least 1 tin of spray paint. You can copy the vehicle's color code and go to your part catalog. Open the color section and paste the color code, then buy the tin of spray and spray the grey part until the paint quality rises to 5 stars.   
  • Part grinding and painting: The fixed price is $125. This is an easy job as long as you do not end up with a LAD coupe or sedan. The rust on these vehicles can be very tricky to find, and it will be even worse if the rust is in the rocker panel. You may have to grind the weld with the flat disc and then weld it back together after grinding the rust. Hopefully, your job will just be grinding the rust.
  • Changing engine parts: This job has random rewards, and the mission's name will indicate what parts need to be replaced, like spark plugs, battery wires, pistons, etc. 
  • Oil and filter changes: The fixed price is $101 with the additional cost of the engine oil and a new filter. This job is considered one of the simplest but least rewarding jobs. You will need to:
    • lean under the car
    • unplug the drain plug 
    • let the oil out 
    • plug the plug back in 
    • replace the filter
    • pour the oil back into the engine

Medium Jobs:

  • Replacing the gearbox by removing the old gearbox and putting in the new gearbox.
    • With the Inline 4 models, the gearbox is attached with eight bolts to the block, two bolts to the frame, and three bolts to the driveshaft. This is one of the easiest jobs and one of the most rewarding, especially if you have a pit or a lift.
    • With the V8 models, the gearbox is attached with four bolts to the block, two bolts to the frame, and three bolts to the driveshaft. The starter will be attached to the gearbox, and you will have to either remove the starter before removing the gearbox or you will have to unscrew the wire bolt and remove the starter afterward.
  • Steering parts or springs may be impacted.
    • With the LADs and NIV models, you will need to remove the springs with the spring compressor.
    • With the CHAD and BART models, you will need to use the spanner to remove the rear leaf springs and the pry tool to remove the front torsion bars, which you may or may not need a lift for.
  • Remove and replace the suspension parts. We suggest that you use a lift.
  • Changing brake pads can be an easy job as it is just changing the discs. But it's not very rewarding. You will need to: 
    • Remove the brake caliper and use the pry tool to extract the old pads.
    • Remove brake discs by first removing the brake caliper and then unscrewing the single brake disc's screw with the screwdriver. 

These jobs have unfixed rewards.

Hard jobs: 

  • Bodywork: Grind all of the rust that you are able to find on the car. This may mean that you need to grind the welds again. You also have the option to use spare parts and replace them, but only if you paint them afterward. This is one of the most rewarding jobs. This job also has an unfixed reward.

Custom job: 

There are three types of junkers in the game. 

  • Junkyard vehicles
  • Used cars 
  • Barn find shells.

Fixing these models of cars will come at a high cost but could also mean a high reward. 


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