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Последнее обновление: 22 ноября 2023 г.
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: Aug 16, 2023
  • Жанры: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Indie
  • Тема: Survival
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 18, ESRB T

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Cheats Available Through WeMod


To gain access to these cheats, make sure you activate the trainer:


  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Sanity
  • Infinite Faith
  • Instant Gathering
  • Instant Building
  • Set Sight Range Multiplier


  • Game Speed


  • Set Wood
  • Set Reed
  • Set Clay
  • Set Iron
  • Set Food
  • Set Gold
  • Set Water
  • Set Stone

How to Improve Your Gameplay


These strategies will help you succeed no matter the scenario you’re in.

Use Map Features

The map is the most helpful feature of any game. While exploring the world around you, watch for towers, as interacting with them will reveal significant portions of the map and the locations of various things, including monsters, traders, hermit huts, and random piles of gold.

Explore the Map to Unlock the Story

Exploration is the game's central mechanic and the easiest to misunderstand. Nothing happens unless you explore the hostile environment laid out before you.

Send a scout to explore the map, uncover new resource nodes, and locate horror/quest objectives. During the early hours of the game, scouting is also a source of rare resources like gold.

You should set up jobs (actions) for your villagers so you can focus your attention on your scout.

Keep an Eye on Your Settlements Sanity

Sanity meters are a common mechanic in horror games. The in-game world is scary, and being left in the dark and unknown will negatively affect your villagers. However, you must keep sending them to gather resources and explore the map.

Watch your villagers’ sanity meters. To keep it high, light up the areas where they’ll spend a lot of their time and have a brewery available to restore lost sanity.

Light Up Your Settlements and the Areas You Use Regularly

Light is a crucial aspect of the game. As mentioned above, if your villagers spend time outside of it, they’ll lose their sanity. It also makes it easier for you to spot enemies (and for enemies to spot you).

Light up regular resource collection spots and the pathways your villagers use to reach outposts you’ve set up.

Build Up Your Faith

Faith is technically the ‘magic’ mechanic in the game. To build it up, you must build temples and assign villagers to pray at them. Once they’ve done this enough, you’ll gain access to various levels of spells, ranging from damage-dealing to support enchantments that make your villagers stronger or healthier. 

Faith can make or break a run, so invest in it as early as possible.

Don’t Ignore the Horrors (and DO NOT Fight them)

Horrors are ancient natural gods living in the uncharted wilderness outside your settlement. With each scenario or chapter you play comes a horror that you’ll eventually have to deal with.

While you can ignore horrors, you will eventually stumble upon them, or they will make their presence known by debuffing your village. When you encounter them, they will demand some form of tribute, such as an arbitrary gift, a quest, or the death of one of your villagers.

They’re annoying but incredibly powerful, so if you can plan for the demands, you should. If not, take care of the basics in your village, then seek out the horror once you’re ready. It’s easier to have a controlled interaction with the horror on your own terms rather than resorting to a frantic search after they’ve already made their demands of you.

DON’T fight them. You will die.  Their power makes them difficult to kill, so unless you’re absolutely certain you can take them on, avoid a fight with them at all costs. Though, it’d probably be worth fighting a horror at least once.

Keep an Eye on Your Resources

Resources are critical, so you’ll want to ensure you’re not hitting your storage limits or running out of them. Hitting your storage limit is easy to deal with; you can just re-assign your villagers to a new job. Running low on resources in a specific gathering spot is a bit more challenging to deal with.

While it does take a long time, resource spots will eventually run out of goods, and if you leave your villagers to carry on working, you may run out of resources before you realize they’re starting to dwindle.

How to Kill Horrors


Before taking on any Horror, remember that enchantments don’t work on them.


Ardaven is a rotten, boil-covered monster with spindly arms. He usually lives in the swamp and demands a child sacrifice. With an HP of 2800 - 4600, a habit of attacking the weakest targets within range, and the ability to summon tiny spiders to nibble away at your health, Ardaven is challenging to take down but not impossible.

Your most significant advantage is that he cannot move. Use your strongest ranged units to shoot him while sending in melee fighters to distract him and his spiders. Buff your units, and don’t attack him in the rain (his attacks receive a +50% buff in the rain) to ensure the best possible chance of defeating him.


Lauma will greet you upon a throne of blood and bones and demand a human sacrifice. In autumn, her max health gets a +50% buff. She can also drain the life force of your units.

Defeating Lauma is almost entirely dependent on your luck. Although she has relatively low health (only 1960 - 3220 HP), her attacks are devastating, and her ability to heal is annoying. When fighting her, you’ll want to ensure you have as many high-experience warriors as you can manage. Your one advantage is that she attacks weaker units first, so you can bring a few duds to keep her distracted.


You’ll find this slimy corpse worm crawling around swampy waters. Fortunately, he doesn’t have the taste for human flesh other Horrors have; instead, he will demand you imbue him with Faith via an Incantation.

He has an HP of 3010 - 4945, which regens by +50% when it rains and can summon a flock of carrion-filled birds that will explode and poison your units.

His being in the water won’t make him an easy target. You’ll need to ensure you have a large group of ranged units to take him out from a distance while sending in melee units as cannon fodder. 

Keep track of any green herbs near the battle. You’ll need them if one of your valuable units is poisoned.


Due to his playful nature, Foehn is one of the quirkier Horror you’ll have to deal with in the game. He’ll demand that you not let anyone lose full sanity within a certain time limit upon you meeting him (or him making his presence known).

His HP sits at 1960 - 3220. While it’s on the lower side, that’s no reason to underestimate him. During a heavy wind, his movement speed/attack rate will increase by 50%. He’s also capable of summoning a mist that prevents your units from attacking, something you’ll need to keep an eye out for if you want any hope of surviving. There is a chance you can counteract the mist’s effect by casting Sight in the same zone. 

He is one of the easier horrors to take down, but you should still power up a lot of units to throw at him.


This undead skeleton is irritated with her death and plans to make it everyone else’s problem. Upon meeting her, she’ll ask you to find four body parts. Fortunately, she’s physically weak and relies on her bad reputation to keep her enemies from attacking her.

While she can summon demons to crush your units, this is not a major issue because she targets the weakest first. Just ensure you don’t attack her in darkness because that is the best way to lose, as her health regen doubles. Make sure you have plenty of powerful units and that they’re well-equipped to take her down.


While this gothic reindeer is slightly friendlier than the other Horrors, that doesn’t make him any easier to defeat. Upon meeting him, he’ll demand two game animal carcasses. 

Leyin is intimidating, and not just because he’s fast. He gains a 50% attack buff while in a forest and can temporarily immobilize your units, so you must make sure you draw him out of the forest with fast units. Once he’s in an area with more favorable ground, ambush him with everything you’ve got.


Composed almost entirely of dead bird meat, Aitvar is a tough Horror to take on, though he’s more chilled out than some of the others. He’ll ask you to defend eggs from raids when you meet him. When you attack him, ensure it’s NOT in clear weather, as it gives him a +50% attack buff. He can also heal any damage he sustains with sunlight. 

When combat begins, he’ll burst into flames and start attacking and spawning minions. He’ll swarm you, so you’ll need to rely on range units to take him out while sending in melee fighters as cannon fodder and to protect your archers from his minions.

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