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Sky Warriors: Blazing Clouds
  • Впервые выпущен: Jun 30, 2021
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 12,
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Unlockable Chests


The player will be able to unlock different chests by completing the different missions available: 

  • Bronze Chest - this chest contains a tracking missile, coins, repair parts, and a strong missile.
  • Silver Chest -  this chest contains spare parts, a tracer, an attack boost, a book trap, some diamonds, and some coins.
  • Gold Chest -  this chest contains coins, a powerful rocket, a boost attack, a tracer, a boosted defense, and some diamonds.
  • Platinum Chest -  this chest contains a fast rocket, an attack boost, a defense boost, a quick repair, a powerful rocket, some diamonds, and coins.
  • Diamond Chest -  this chest contains a book trap, a quick repair, a powerful rocket, spare parts, a tracer, a defense boost, a fast rocket, an attack boost, some diamonds, and some coins.
This video shows all the chests you can unlock in Sky Warriors: Blazing Clouds

Tips to Get More Kills


The easiest way for the player to get easy kills in Sky Warriors: Blazing Clouds is right from the beginning of the game; follow the jet to the left, and he is the easiest target every single time. All the player has to do is follow the target, go full throttle, turn behind and then with him and then launch both missiles. An easy kill.

Straight after that kill, there will be another shot lined up, launch missiles, and use the machine gun, and they will be done in a few seconds. 

It is easier for the player to make more kills when they are moving at full throttle and launching both missiles as opposed to stopping and trying to line up the shot. Always go full throttle, or else your target will not die.

Watch the YouTube video to get some tips to get more kills:

Quick Guide to the Tutorial


The player will first be taken through a tutorial to test out the controls;

  • The player will choose how to control the engine and steering, which can be changed later on in the game. The player can choose between ‘conventional’ or ‘inverted’ controls. 
  • The player will then go into a quick control test to show you how to control the engines. 
  • The player controls the steering by using the controls on the left of the screen. 
  • Next, the player will control the throttle on the right of the screen and approximate the target by speeding up using those controls.
  • The player will then locate the target using the map at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Once the player is close enough to the target, they will then need to maintain their aim to be able to lock on the target. 
  • When locked on the target, the missile and machine gun controls will come up on the right beneath the throttle control. Use the missile to launch an attack on the target. The machine gun will launch automatically when the player has locked onto a target.
  • Next, the player will learn to evade missiles. This can be done by using the steering controls on the left of the screen to either pull to the left or the right. The player shouldn’t stop until the screen signals that they are clear.
  • If a missile is too close or too difficult for the player to evade, they should make use of the flare. The flare symbol will pop up on the right of the screen, and the player should use this. It will signal how many the player has available.

The customization of the controls is available later on in the game to suit the player’s preferences.

A Guide To The Beginning Of The Game


  • Startup
    The player will choose their pilot’s name. The player will then be able to choose their game mode; either practice, defense, or attack. 
  • Defense
    The player needs to defend the cargo planes and lock on to and kill the oncoming attackers by locating the orange blocks. Getting as close as possible and then the screen will indicate when the target is acquired; the machine gun will attack automatically when locked on, and the player must decide when to launch the missiles. 
  • Attack
    The player will need to attack the oncoming cargo planes and watch out for the pilots defending the cargo planes. Just like in defense mode, the player needs to get as close as possible, and then the screen will indicate when the target is acquired; the machine gun will attack automatically when locked on, and the player must decide when to launch the missiles. 

This video is a quick guide to the game.

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