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Knock out your opponent Подсказки

During a fight, you will need to keep your hands up to protect your face. Each action you chose will tell your fighter to throw a punch or perform a maneuver with speed and force. The damage to your opponent is determined by how well your maneuvers collide with your opponent. You will need both attack and defensive skills. 

In your fight step forward and use the right hook after a jab then lean back to avoid a counter punch. 

Rexo Game Review shows you how the game is played.


Things to focus on in the game Подсказки

With each match that you win you receive a cash award and winning tournaments grants a nice bonus. 

We suggest that you spend your money on upgrading your appearance learn to dress in the latest fashion but also make sure you have a great victory taunt. 


Tactical choices Подсказки

  • Right hook - load the right hand and then deliver the blow 
  • Left hook - cock back your left arm and then punch your opponent's face
  • Right jab - use a speedy right jab
  • Left jab - use a speedy left jab
  • Low jab - to push your opponent away throw a quick body shot
  • Lean left - use this skill to avoid an attack
  • Lean right - use this skill to bend closure and extend your reach
  • Step right - use this move to move closer to your opponent
  • Step left - use this move to get out of your opponent's way
  • Uppercut - use this skill to wind up a dangerous uppercut
  • Block - Use this skill to defend yourself against your opponent's attacks 


Get to the top ranks Подсказки

You can challenge any number of randomly generated opponents. The opponents with a better record will be more difficult to beat. 

The exhibition games are nice for a quick match and you can choose your opponent.  The tournaments are a bit more challenging you can choose which level of boxing expertise you will be facing. 

To climb up the ranks you will need to build an impressive rank beating your opponents and winning trophies.  


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