Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster Коды на Android

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читы, игровые коды, разблокировки, подсказки, советы, пасхальные яйца, глюки, руководства по игре, прохождение, скриншоты, видео и больше для Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster на Android.

Перейдите по кнопкам выше или прокрутите вниз, чтобы просмотреть Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster читы которые у нас есть для Android. Самые надежные предметы получают наибольшее количество "больших пальцев вверх" от наших пользователей и появляются вверху!

У нас есть 2 записей пользователей, поданных для этой игры на этой платформе в настоящее время.

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  • Рейтинги: PEGI 12, ESRB M
  • Впервые выпущен: Feb 22, 2022

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Cheats for Super Nintendo Коды

  1. Get lots of items: When you have Vanish and Relm, go into battle, have another character cast vanish on an enemy, then have Relm Sketch that enemy and then quickly run away and check your items. There is a chance that this may not work on all carts and freeze the game.
  2. Easy Level Ups: You will need a turbo controller. Once you have made it to the Lete River, set your window commands to "short" and then switch to Banon's Health and then attack. Then you can switch your commands back to "window." This will give you Banon's Health as the default command. When you get to a point where you have the choice of straight or left, set your controller to turbo and tape down on the A button, and leave your game on overnight, and you will get to between 50 - 60 levels.
  3. Instantly Kill Enemies: You will need the Vanish and Doom spells. Cast the Vanish spell on the enemy and then cast the Doom spell on the vanished target. This works on about 95% of the bosses in the game.


Cheats for PS Коды

  1. Easy Victories: You can instantly kill almost any enemy by casting the vanish spell on them, making them invisible. Then use the X-Zone or the death for the quick kill. This works on about 95% of the bosses.
  2. Saving Cid at his house: You will need to feed him a yummy fish which you can get by catching the one that swims the fastest.



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