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How to catch evolits


Evolits follow the same principle as Pokémon, your monsters will battle, and when a monster is weaker, you will have the option to "keep" the monster or release it.

Once you have battled another monster and you click on the "keep" bottom, the monster will now be captured and appear on your list when clicking on the "briefcase."

How to level up faster


You will gain "XP" by fighting and capturing evolits with your monster. To gain "XP" faster, only select two evolits monsters in your team. "XP" that is gained while capturing another evolits monster is shared amongst your team. 

Kermodiez shows you how to level up faster.

How to beat Guard Steve


To enter the duel with Guard Steve and use the Evolit by the name of "Mesarthims." When attacking Guard Steve, use a combination of "Pollen and First Star."

If you get hit by a "DoT" from Guard Steve, use a Calming scent, and then you will have to repeatedly use "Astral Protection and First Star."

IamElson-Evolits shows us how to beat Guard Steve.

How to fuse Evolits


To fuse Evolits, you must first capture evolits and store them in your briefcase. Once you have captured several evolits throughout your journey, you will be able to fuse 3 weaker evolits together to form a stronger evolit.

To fuse evolits together, you must "click" on the leather briefcase that is the third icon, located on the left-hand side of your screen. Once you have clicked on the briefcase, there will be a menu screen that says "Evolits Fusion" underneath that screen, there will be three empty slots.

A list of all your captured evolits will appear below. Each evolit will have its own unique power source. It could be a fire, water, physical, or nature evolit. Select three(3) evolits, and each will appear in different slots on your screen.

There are two different stats that will appear on your screen indicating the strength of the evolit. The two different stats are the "Global Stats" and the "Caught Stats." These two stats are taken into consideration when you level up your evolits.

Once you have selected three(3) evolits, "click" on the option to fuse evolits on the right-hand side of your screen. Fusing evolits together requires some essence. If you have enough essence, you will be able to fuse your evolits together and create a stronger evolit. 

"Click on the fuse button and confirm your fuse. 

Kermodiez shows you how to fuse Evolits

How to beat Guard Sebb


To beat the Guard Sebb, you must use the evolits named "Banditaff." Use the attack moves called "Blitz" attack and "Tongue twist" against Sebb.

When your Banditaff is low on HP, change your evolits to the "Executioner" and use the "Death Scythe" and "Typhoon" attack to finish Guard Sebb off. 

You will be able to defeat Guard Sebb with those two evolits.

Tigrerra shows you how to beat Guard Sebb

How to beat the nature elementum


The Nature Elementum will spawn every five minutes, so you must locate it first before any other players. The nature elementum is susceptible to attack from fire evolits. Using evolits such as “ Frighton” and “Enlighter” are recommended.

Use the “ Blazing Fangs” attack from the evolits called “Frighton.” This will help reduce the HP of Nature Elementum. The “Blasting Fire” attack from Englighter will also inflict some serious damage on the Nature Elementum.

The tactic to beat nature elementum is to first use two weaker evolits to lower nature elementum health below 50%. Once the Nature Elementums health is lowered, use “Florpents ultimate” to further inflict damage.

To finish the Nature Elementum off, use the “ Sword Swing,” and he will be defeated. 

Evomania shows you how to beat the natural elementum.

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