The Wandering Village Batoteiros em Xbox One (X1)

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The Wandering Village
  • Categoria: Jogo principal
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Sep 13, 2022
  • Gêneros: Simulator, Strategy, Indie
  • Temas: Fantasy, Science fiction, Survival
  • Classificações: ESRB E

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Cheats Available Through Trainers


While the game doesn't come with an official cheat system, there's a way to inject cheats into it using a trainer. Trainers are nifty programs that allow you to tweak the game's code and introduce cheats to your gaming experience.

Before diving into the world of trainers, read reviews to ensure you choose a safe and reliable option. One well-regarded choice is the MegaDev Trainer Software, a trusted tool embraced by countless gamers. This versatile trainer opens up a treasure trove of cheats, ranging from unlimited resources and god mode to instant research.

The MegaDev's all-inclusive, plug-and-play trainer offers a spectrum of cheats, including but not limited to:

  • Never Sleepy (Onbu)
  • Low Poison Level (Onbu)
  • Godmode Onbu
  • Never Hungry (Onbu)
  • Add Knowledge
  • Reset Knowledge To 0
  • Instant Research (Current)
  • Villagers Never Hungry: ON
  • Villagers Never Hungry: OFF
  • Free Building: ON
  • Free Building: OFF
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Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the Game

Ovos de Páscoa

Nomai Statue

Venturing deep into the enigmatic Ruins biome, intrepid gamers will stumble upon an awe-inspiring discovery: the mysterious Nomai Statue. This remarkable sculpture pays homage to the Nomai, the original extraterrestrial beings of the Outer Wilds universe. Meticulously crafted with intricate detail, the statue captures the essence and individuality of the Nomai, providing a tantalizing glimpse into their lore. A reminder that the cosmic epic spans the universe, inviting players to contemplate the profound mysteries that lie beyond the galaxies.

Companion Cube

Within the untamed and unpredictable Toxic biome, daring players are in for a remarkable surprise: a sighting of the Companion Cube straight from the beloved Portal universe. This iconic artifact, adorned with its familiar symbols, evokes a sense of camaraderie and connection. Encountering the Companion Cube in the Toxic Zone sparks contemplation about glitch-riddled dimensions and alternate realities. Players find themselves pondering the origins of this cube and its symbolic resonance, both within the game and in the realm of real-life challenges.


In the Forbidden Forest biome, the spectacle reaches its zenith with the appearance of the TARDIS, the time-traveling marvel from Doctor Who. Adorned in its unmistakable blue allure and shrouded in an air of mystery, the TARDIS triggers contemplation of all things timey-wimey. By transcending conventional boundaries, this iconic vessel grants dimension-hoppers a taste of the temporal journey and intergalactic grandeur that define its legacy.


Venturing into the captivating expanse of the Desert biome, audacious players might chance upon an electrifying encounter: a Creeper plucked directly from the Minecraft universe. With its eerie hisses and explosive volatility, the Creeper is a poignant reminder to tread cautiously in virtual realms and the intricate labyrinths of reality. It stands as a gamer's mantra, underscoring the delicate balance between success and setback, inviting players to navigate both worlds with unwavering focus.


When scaling the majestic heights of the Mountains biome, players are greeted by a breathtaking sight: the Triforce, an emblem of legendary empowerment from the esteemed Legend of Zelda series. Embodied by its triad of virtues—power, wisdom, and courage—the Triforce resonates deeply, capturing the hearts of players without reservation. Positioned atop these mountains, it symbolizes the pursuit of achievement, both within the confines of the game and the broader tapestry of reality. As players contemplate its meaning, they champion equilibrium and noble aspirations that extend beyond pixels and into the world that awaits.

How to Navigate the Dynamic World


Embrace Change 

In the game’s ever-shifting tapestry, embracing change becomes your guiding principle. Biomes undergo transformations, weather dances, and landscapes evolve. Make mobility your ally instead of anchoring your village to a solitary location. Continually migrate Onbu to fresh terrains, capitalizing on many resources, climates, and prospects. This adaptability stands as your cornerstone of resilience.

Harness the Power

Construct a Hornblower—a beacon of connection between you and the movements of Onbu. This pivotal device holds the key to summoning Onbu to your chosen locale. When urgency strikes, or peril looms, the Hornblower unfurls as your lifeline, facilitating swift relocations. Mastery of this tool empowers you to stay ahead, navigating challenges and orchestrating your village's strategic placement.

Foster Trust

Cultivate a profound bond with Onbu by offering gestures of affection. Regularly extending care to this colossal companion nurtures a robust sense of trust. As this bond deepens, Onbu's receptivity to your commands flourishes. This relationship underpins harmonious mobility, elevating your prowess in orchestrating precision movements.

Unveil the Unknown

Embark on expeditions of exploration to unearth concealed treasures and enigmatic secrets scattered throughout the world. These journeys unveil untapped resources, unravel the mysteries of ancient technologies, and expand your village's horizons. Each exploration enriches your comprehension of the universe while fueling the growth of your community.

Embrace Versatility

Embrace the liberating notion that no single predefined path leads to triumph. Empower yourself to experiment with a spectrum of strategies and approaches. Test the waters with innovative resource management, agricultural tactics, and village organization. Every experiment contributes to your expertise, crafting a playstyle harmonizing with your aptitudes and inclinations.

Quick Tips shares a few tips for The Wandering Village.

How to Thrive in a Changing Landscape


Keep a Watchful Gaze on the Horizon

As you shepherd your settlement—dubbed Onbu—through the ever-evolving terrain, maintaining a vigilant watch over the horizon proves paramount. Observing forthcoming biomes bestows invaluable insights into the imminent environmental challenges. This foresight lays the foundation for astute crop cultivation and optimal resource allocation.

Harness the Power of Scavengers

Elevate your village's potential by integrating scavengers into your resource-acquisition strategy. These tenacious gatherers prove indispensable for procuring vital construction materials and sustaining village operations. Specific resources like sand and iron ore are exclusive rewards for their diligent scavenging endeavors.

Embrace Sustainable Practices

To safeguard the longevity of your settlement, consider implementing two vital systems: compost heaps and decontaminators. Compost heaps offer an eco-conscious solution for managing organic waste, metamorphosing it into invaluable crop fertilizer. Simultaneously, decontaminators play a pivotal role in preserving a pristine, toxin-free environment.

Cultivate a Diverse Array of Farms

The vitality of your village hinges on a well-rounded food supply. Establishing a mosaic of farms ensures a consistent wellspring of nourishment for your villagers. Diversification not only shields against potential crop failures but also fortifies the resilience of your settlement.

Prioritize Villager Well-Being

The beating heart of your village is its inhabitants, and their contentment stands as a linchpin for triumph. Blissful villagers exude heightened dedication and productivity. To cultivate their happiness, extend them quality sustenance, cozy dwellings, and engaging forms of recreation.

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