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Prisoner Recruitment, Sale, And Execution Dicas

Usually, you can capture enemy soldiers after you defeat their army. We describe the topic and the benefits of taking prisoners with you in this guide.

Prison is not a requirement for prisoners. They can be bought, sold, or put to death.

Looters, bandits, caravans, and armies are present everywhere you look in the game. The day is filled with battles. When you defeat an enemy troop, you frequently have the choice of taking prisoners or letting them go. We will now explain the benefits of taking the defeated warriors with you.

Typically, there are dead, wounded, and deserters present after a victory. Of course, the dead cannot be resurrected. and those fleeing the flag frequently reassemble to form a small group again afterward. However, as soon as the battle is over, you can take some wounded prisoners with you.

In any case, you should bring ranking prisoners with you. Your squad can be improved without cost. Don't sell them or boot them out of your party again; just hold onto them for a while. When a callsign appears on the Party tab, you can either upgrade one of your units or recruit a prisoner. A rebellion need not be feared. As long as you always carry enough food with you, former prisoners are devoted followers.

There are towns, castles, and cities that you can explore. When it comes to selling prisoners, only cities matter. Therefore, choose a city, then click Go to the Tavern District. Then you can either select "Ransom your prisoners" to sell everyone or "Choose the prisoners to be ransomed." The more experienced a prisoner unit, the more money you can expect to sell it for.

You can also execute prisoners. Only lords and nobles have access to this option; ordinary prisoners do not. The decision to execute should be carefully considered.

There are repercussions; an entire faction that the prisoner engaged with will despise you, and your reputation will suffer greatly. Peace is difficult to achieve after that.

However, the benefits are still manageable: the lord or noble won't obstruct you again. If you kill every member of the faction, you can inherit all of their property. Settlements, castles, and cities within the faction would immediately belong to you.



Easy Money Dicas

If you win the battle, you can earn money with money. Find out where the following competition will take place by going to a city and speaking with the regional competition manager. There are various rounds in each competition, and you are allowed to place bets on yourself in each one. If you win, you could quickly earn up to 2,000 denarii. If you don't, you'll lose the entire amount of money you bet.

Competitions are helpful in the early hours of play to earn a few denarii, but they also help you gain popularity and move up to the next clan level more quickly.

You can complete both profitable and less profitable missions in the sandbox role-playing game. The villagers at settlements are usually where you can find missions, but nobles can also give you missions. Someone's profile picture will have a blue callsign next to it if they have a mission for you. You can do the following:

  • Escort caravans
  • Discover and obtain missing people
  • Clean out bandit hideouts
  • Smuggling missions
  • Contribute to fort soldiers

If you earned between 13,000 and 15,000 denarii, buy a workshop or a caravan. Every day, a workshop cranks out 100 to 400 denarii.

The cost of maintaining a caravan is 15,000 denarii, and you must hire a party member who will eventually defect. It takes a caravan a few weeks to turn a tidy profit. In addition, there is an unavoidable risk of attack because of their distance. It is possible to earn 1,000 denarii every day. Businesspeople in a city may sell you a caravan. To find them, press the Alt key. 

You frequently find top-notch loot by defeating kings and nobles in battle. Items worth more than 10,000 denarii can be bagged. If your character lacks the experience necessary to take charge of a group, join a faction as a vassal and then an army. 



How To Avoid A Conspiracy Dicas

This belongs to the main story. The game shows you the growing conspiracy as time passes. On the mission page, you can see some basic information about the conspiracy.

As the conspiracy grows stronger, it will eventually lead to war. Its size might vary depending on a few factors. At that point, the missions will be active.

You will be compelled to either find every commander and agree to a truce with him or destroy every enemy who has actually declared war. Sadly, the latter can only be done in combat. You have a choice, but making peace is less expensive and easier.



Travels In Calradia Guias

The companion includes a journal with both illustrations and voiceovers that offer a unique perspective on the world of Calradia. It is based on travel writings by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta and follows the journey of Asoios across Calradia, with a scribe named Istiana assigned to explore the area and report back to her on his findings.


STAN Games & Tutorials shows a video about travelling in Calradia.


The Interactive Calradia Map Guias

You can also go on your own exploration thanks to an intricately detailed hand-drawn world map and a collection of concept art for each culture. These provide a look inside the creative process that resulted in the acclaimed and eagerly awaited sequel to "Warband." Combined with images of the development team and developers,, it is truly a masterpiece.


STAN Games & Tutorials goes through some helpful tips and guides.


Concept Art Guias

A collection of concept art that was created in conjunction with Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Digital Deluxe Edition. These are organized into the various factions, game objects, characters, and many other artworks that you can explore on your own accord.


STAN Games & Tutorials shows you the art collection.


Recruiting The Handy Vassals Dicas

When you reach clan rank 4, you can finally establish your own kingdom. It becomes apparent quickly that you are vastly outnumbered by other kingdoms. Vassals who bring their own clan and serve your kingdom are the reinforcements you need. 

You can support your own kingdom once you have a settlement or castle. In terms of resources like manpower and property, you are outclassed by the other factions. You need to hire minions right away to change that.

Either choose to take a vassal from another kingdom or choose to make a companion into a vassal. You need a lot of resources in this situation.

A vassal can be hired as an alternative. In general, it costs a lot of money to convince a lord to become your vassal. It helps to have a high charisma value and a good relationship with the particular prince.

A clan can be hired for less money if it owns less property. As a result, you must be ready to speak to various clans. In order to remember them, make a note of potential candidates in the encyclopedia. Encourage the prince to join your kingdom by all means.



Making Peace And All The Options There Are Dicas

You'll have your hands full once you've established your own kingdom. Because the spread of another faction on Calradia is something that every faction on the map is specifically opposed to. War declarations are difficult to avoid. You are incredibly susceptible, especially as your own kingdom is just getting started.

So far, there is essentially only one response: You must pay tribute. Select the "Diplomacy" tab after clicking the "Kingdom" button in the lower left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the "Offer" button, and above it is the price you must pay for peace:

At the Daily Tribute, think about the Peace Accords. Depending on whether you have vassals with voting privileges, a vote is taken. Your opinion is most important, though, because you are the monarch of your realm. In essence, there is no other way to guarantee peace.

There is, however, a second opportunity for peace, and that is when your adversary extends the offer. This very rarely occurs because the enemy kingdoms are much bigger and more powerful to begin with. To improve your chances of receiving a peace offering, try...

  • capture enemy squad leaders.
  • holding the enemy faction leader captive.
  • decimated enemy armies.
  • attacked villages.
  • renounced conquests

A valid question is why you should avoid conquests. Kingdoms dislike losing their belongings. It is extremely unlikely that the enemy will grant you peace if you have taken a castle or a settlement. Instead, he is prepared to go to any lengths to make up for the loss.



What Makes Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Digital Deluxe Edition Different Guias

The Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Deluxe Edition gives you a new perspective on Calradia. The following items are included in the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (full game)
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Digital Companion, containing:
    • An interactive map of Calradia
    • Travels in Calradia audio story book
    • Soundtracks from the game
    • Concept Art



Music From Calradia Guias

A selection of the game's music is also included in the app, which you can listen to as you browse the content. Finn Seliger, along with all the other composers and musicians who contributed to this wonderful soundtrack, deserve all the credit for the game's incredible main theme songs.


Peaches Lamb does a video about the soundtrack.


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