Mortal Shell Dicas em Playstation 4 (PS4)

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. Dicas para Mortal Shell em em . Playstation 4. Os artigos mais dignos de confiança recebem o máximo de "polegares para cima" . dos nossos utilizadores e aparecem mais perto do topo!

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Basic Tips Dicas

Fallgrim essentially acts as a hub. Visit Fallgrim Tower early on to learn what it has to offer and get a better picture of what you should be doing.

Pay attention to enemy patterns. All attacks have tells, so learn what signals an attack and respond accordingly.

Hardening lets you block enemy attacks. It will also help you buy a little time to let your stamina replenish.

You also can parry attacks to regain a little health, but the window is small. Try to parry enemies that have clearly telegraphed attacks to help you time it right.

Proceed slowly and cautiously. Running in can easily lead to death, so take things slowly and pay attention to your surroundings.

When you run out of health, you will be ejected from your shell. You can then reclaim your shell, but dying a second time will cause you to respawn. However, you can also force an ejection yourself with the Tainted Nektar item. This doesn’t count the same as the automatic ejection, so you can retrieve your shell to heal and still be able to eject if you run out of health.

Searching for new shells should be one of your first goals. Having all shells available to you will let you try out different playstyles and accustom yourself to each one.

Upgrade your shells when you can, and try to focus on the one you intend to use the most to get it fully upgraded sooner rather than later.

Every time you use an item, your Familiarity with it increases. Familiarity unlocks new effects, so you should use items often. Sometimes, items even start with negative effects but gain beneficial effects instead once your Familiarity is higher.


Play music for the cat Dicas

If you play the flute while next to the cat at the shop keeper the cat will move his head as if enjoying the sound

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