Marvel's Midnight Suns Batoteiros em Playstation 4 (PS4)

Última atualização: 12 de setembro de 2023
Marvel's Midnight Suns
  • Categoria: Jogo principal
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Dec 1, 2022
  • Gêneros: Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Tactical
  • Temas: Action
  • Classificações: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the Game

Ovos de Páscoa

Khonshu Exhibit 

In the early stages of the game, you’ll get to battle with Venom through the streets of New York and come across a Moon Knight easter egg. While Moon Knight doesn’t feature in the game, a billboard reminds us of his existence.

During the fight scene with Venom, you’ll spot a billboard advertising an exhibit at the Mid-Manhattan Museum. The billboard showcases several ancient Egyptian gods, one of them being Khonshu.

Khonshu is the ancient Egyptian god who bestowed Moon Knight’s powers on him. The billboard links the Egyptian god to a possible appearance in the MCU. 

Blade Easter Egg

Blade, also known as Eric Brooks, is a part of the game roster. He makes a comical reference to the movie ‘Blade’ while bird-watching. The character seemingly states that he hates vampire movies and would only appear in them if he were there to kill all the other vampires.

The conversation between Eric Brooks and his partner clearly references Marvel’s Blade. In the movie, played by Wesley Snipes, Blade does kill all the other vampires.

Fantastic Four

Marvel’s legendary Fantastic Four may be an omission from the roster; however, the group is referenced throughout the game, so you’d think they were in it. Firstly, you’ll be able to find a t-shirt for your player to wear, which ironically has the Fantastic Four logo printed on the front.

Secondly, while walking through the Abbey, you’ll notice several Tarot Cards that have been scattered around. On the face of it, the cards reveal iconic Fantastic Four characters such as Dr. Doom, Johnny Storm, and Silver Surfer.

Finally, the most iconic Fantastic Four easter egg referenced in the game can be found near Agatha’s Alta, in the Abbey gardens, on the map. Walk up to the altar, and you’ll find a broken stained-glass mural with the Fantastic Four logo in the center.

thatIndianGamerGuy shares an Easter egg found in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

How To Defeat Fallen Venom Boss Fight


This tactical RPG has challenging boss fights that test your heroes’ abilities. Fallen Venom is one of the first villains you must take on more than once throughout the narrative.

Your first encounter with Fallen Venom occurs early in gameplay when he is confronted by Blade, Doctor Strange, and Hunter (created hero). However, Fallen Venom is too strong for the trio and begins to overpower them.

Thankfully, Spiderman intervenes and distracts Fallen Venom, allowing the trio to escape defeat. However, Fallen Venom returns later in the game for the ultimate boss fight.

At the start of the battle, you must target one of Fallen Venom's minions and neutralize the threat. By targeting his minions, you will limit the damage you experience every turn.

To defeat Fallen Venom’s minion, you must first move Spider-Man to the right of Hunter. Once you have maneuvered him into position, use a Special Delivery attack. The attack will neutralize one of Fallen Venom’s support fighters.

The objective for your team in the battle against Fallen Venom is to repair the Church Bell. Repairing the Church Bell plays a significant role in defeating Fallen Venom, as you can use the soundwaves to defeat him.

The whole process of repairing the Church Bell requires you to survive for several minutes. To survive the fight, you must equip Spiderman with the Zinger Protocol combat item. This rewards your team of heroes with two additional cards. 

In the battle, Fallen Venom is susceptible to sound waves, so it’s recommended that you use the Ring Small Bell card. You can use this card by applying three stacks of Weak and three of Vulnerable against the Fallen Venom. 

Every time you manage to inflict some damage on Venom, you will slowly be able to make progress on repairing the bell. However, repairing the bell will cost 10 Heroism for the first repair. Additionally, the next repairs will cost Heroism points every time. 

To defeat Venom, you must ensure your squad of heroes stays alive. This means you must refrain from using attacks that reduce your Heroism points. The best strategy is to remain defensive and use all your Heroism points to fix the Church Bell. You will eventually be able to defeat Fallen Venom. 

DOSEofLazer shares a guide on how to defeat Fallen Venom

How To Unlock Deadpool


Unlocking Deadpool is not as simple as just purchasing a DLC. There are several things you will need to do to unlock the character. First, you must buy ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Undead’ DLC.

After that, you must unlock Spiderman and chat with him until he reveals his identity as Peter Parker. The next step is to complete the ‘A Man of Culture’ mission, which you can complete at any stage.

If you have completed all the missions in the game and recruited the ‘Hulk,’ the mission will immediately become available for you to complete. 

Gameriot shares a guide on how to unlock Deadpool

How To Complete ‘A Man of Culture’ Mission


A Man of Culture is Deadpool's first mission. After unlocking the hero, your mission will take you to a warehouse filled with crates, which can be easily moved using a combination of 1 electrified station and two high-explosive objects.

In the mission, you will be up against 2 Trash Hydra Mobs, 2 Hydra Elites, and a Hydra Shield Guard. You will first need to take on and defeat the Trash Mobs with Deadpool while trying to preserve your card plays and building your Heroism points.

You will need to try and earn as many kills with Deadpool as possible. This will help build up his El Fuego ability. Press ‘shift’ to identify all the mobs targeting Deadpool and kill them to ensure you don’t lose out on his passive ability.

There’s no need to use any of Deadpool’s cards if you can kill all of the five mobs targeting him in your first turn. Remember to check your environment for objects you can use against the mobs. There are eight environmental objects in the mission.

Once your turn has ended, depending on the difficulty you are using, it will see the introduction of 2-3 Trash Mobs or a Hydra LEite. These reinforcements will not pose a tough challenge and defeat them to draw as many cards as you can. You can also use your Heroism, which will reset in the second objective. 

Defeating the Hydra in the Museum will then lead you to the second objective in the mission, in which you will face off against Trash Vampyres and 3 Elite Vampyres. Trash Vampyres' greatest threat is that they attack in swarms.

These monsters are vulnerable to fire attacks and can be defeated using the fire barrels against them. Make sure to defeat all the Vampyres that target Deadpool. In this objective, you can use “Dark Heal” or “Heal” cards effectively.

 Deadpool’s “Quick Shot” cards come especially handy in this objective against Vampyres; however, it is recommended not to use his “Pain Pinata” card. Just try to build up his Heroism through using Attack cards.

Upon killing all the Vampyres, Deadpool will join you in your Abbey as he seeks refuge from his enemies.

JayShockBlast shares a guide to beating “A Man of Culture” mission.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Build Your Team With Different Hero Abilities

The composition of your team is vital to your success. When building a team, choosing heroes with damage mitigation abilities, high single-target damage, and a healer is best.

Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and the Hunter are an excellent team composition for beginners. Captain Marvel can deal massive blows of destruction, Spiderman has different damage options for enemies, and the Hunter has healing abilities.

Get to Know Your Enemies

You will encounter many enemies; however, there are some enemies that you will frequently encounter, such as Hydra Officers and Hydra Grunts.

During your gameplay, you must learn what your enemies do for their abilities. Once you have an understanding of how your enemies will act, you will be able to plan and defeat them with ease.

Complete The Mission Quickly

There are countless missions to be completed in the game. Each mission will come with its own set of unique challenges. However, trying to complete a mission as fast as possible is important.

The faster you complete a mission, the more rewards you will receive at the end of the day. If there are no rewards to be gained from a mission, the longer you take to complete it, the more enemies you will need to defeat in the mission. 

IGN shares some tips for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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