Pumpkin Panic Batoteiros em PC

Última atualização: 1 de novembro de 2023
Pumpkin Panic
  • Categoria: Jogo principal
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Jun 23, 2023
  • Gêneros: Simulator, Indie
  • Temas: Horror, Survival

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Survival Tips


1. Facing the Crawling Monster

When you hear creepy music, a crawling monster is on the prowl. You can't run from it, so dash into your house as soon as the music starts. Don't wait too long, or it might get you.

2. Dealing with the Shadow Monster

At night, when your house is dark because the candles are out, a shadow monster comes around. In this case, it's safer to leave your house. It might be scary, but stepping outside is the best way to avoid the shadow monster.

3. Handling the Clown and His Balloon

At night, you need to find a clown and take his balloon. But here's the twist – you'll have to return it later, or the clown will come after you. So, make sure to return the balloon to stay safe.

4. Being Cautious Around the Deer

The deer is sneaky. It slowly gets closer to you. If you get too close to it, it turns into a scary monster that can harm you. But don't worry; you'll have a few seconds to run away when it changes, so keep your distance and stay safe.

A Quick and Easy Monsters Guide



The crow is a unique and friendly creature. Every 20 to 30 seconds, it drops free items, such as sticks, which you can sell at the saw table near your house. These sticks and leaves can also be used to craft a fishing pole, providing a valuable resource for your survival.


The elusive Skinwalker is known to spawn in the game every 3 to 4 minutes, accompanied by a chilling plucking sound. When you hear this unsettling noise, you must rush inside your house for safety. Once the Skinwalker concludes its hunt, an eerie sound will signal that it's safe to venture back outside, but always exercise caution.


The game features two menacing clowns, the Red Clown and the Blue Clown. Failing to act accordingly when encountering them can have dire consequences. The Red Clown will attack if you don't take its balloon, and the Blue Clown demands the same. Each clown spawns once per night, with the red clown preceding the blue clown. To track their arrival, listen to the music box's melody, which will guide you in the right direction, providing you with 40 seconds to locate them.


The Wendigo/Deer is a fascinating addition to the game, appearing on day 2 after the initial night and persisting throughout the gameplay. It moves slowly toward the player, pausing to graze every 60 seconds. Beware, as getting too close to the deer will trigger its transformation into a Wendigo, a swift and aggressive adversary. Seek refuge inside your house when the Wendigo is in pursuit, and it will revert to its deer form 8 seconds after becoming enraged.


The game introduces a ghostly menace that can threaten you while you're inside your house, but it's contained within these walls. The three candles in your house will extinguish every 20 seconds, and when all three are snuffed out, the ghost will materialize. You'll have 30 seconds to evade this specter before it vanishes into thin air, making for a thrilling and eerie encounter.

Well Monster

In this game, the well monster is more of a jumpscare than a genuine threat. It won't actively attack you, providing a moment of surprise rather than danger amid your other encounters.

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